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Westminster is a unique city in Orange County, California. The city is bordered by Seal Beach, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, and Fountain Valley. In 1870, it was founded by a Presbyterian temperance colony. The city was named after the Westminster Assembly of 1643. It was at this assembly that the basic tenets of the Presbyterian faith were established.

In 1957, Westminster was incorporated into Orange County. At this time, it had more than 10,000 residents. The number of residents has continued to grow. In 2010, the city’s population was approximately 89,000.

Before Westminster was incorporated, it was actually three different cities: Westminster, Barber City, and Midway City. The three cities were supposed to form a municipality called the Tri City, but Midway city eventually decided against incorporation. Barber City was eventually absorbed into the newly incorporated Westminster. Barber City is located in the western area of Westminster.

Every year Westminster celebrates certain annual events. Flag Day is an annual celebration held in June at the Civic Center. It is a meaningful patriotic event celebrating America. There are also Sumer Concerts in the Park at the Civic Center Sunken Gardens. Concert goers are encouraged to enjoy a pleasant picnic dinner while enjoying music. The Tree Lighting Ceremony is another important Westminster event. At this ceremony, a large tree is lit. There is also a food drive for the needy.

In 1996, Westminster received the prestigious honor of “All-America City”. The National Civic League for civic accomplishments recognizes 10 cities each year. It is the oldest community recognition program in the U.S. The award’s purpose is to recognize communities whose citizens come together to solve community-wide challenges. Westminster’s projects recognized were Project SHUE (Safety, Health, Understanding, and Education), TARGET, and the Community Collaborative. Project SHUE was an after-school program at the Senior Center for young “at risk” children. TARGET was an anti-gang program that was one of the first of its kind in the nation. The project brought together the Police, Probation officers, and District Attorneys to work together to make a difference in gang violence. Community Collaborative grouped leaders from the city and county to help provide services for the city.

There are a couple of significant landmarks in Westminster. The Vietnam War Memorial is located in Sid Goldstein Freedom Park. There is also a memorial for the victims of the Pan Am plane in the Tenerife Disaster. The Westminster Rose Center is also a significant landmark.

Cars are the major source of transportation for Westminster residents. The average commute for Westminster residents is about 30 minutes. Westminster residents are highly susceptible to car accidents. This city has a high fatal car accident rate. In 2009, there were a total 4 fatal traffic incidents. One of these accidents was caused by a drunken driver. There were a total of 4 fatalities, and 12 people involved in these accidents. 2 of these people were pedestrians. In 2008, there were 4 fatal accidents. One of these fatal accidents was caused by a drunken driver. There were a total of 4 fatalities, and 4 people were involved.

Westminster’s car accident rate is partially due to freeways and busy main streets. There are two freeways that pass through Westminster: State Route 22 and Interstate 405. State Route 22 is an east-west highway in Southern Los Angeles County and northern Orange County. Many commuters use this freeway, and it is quite congested during rush hour. Commuters from Inland Empire and Inland Orange County use this freeway daily. In 2009, there was one fatal accident on State Route 22. Interstate 405 is another main freeway that passes through Westminster. It is one of the most congested freeways in the nation. Commuters all over Southern California use this freeway. In 2009, there were two fatal accidents on Interstate 405. Many drivers must use these two freeways. There are always a high number of cars going through Westminster.

Westminster’s busy streets also contribute to the fatal accident rate. Some of Westminster’s main streets include Westminster Boulevard, Beach Boulevard, Edinger Avenue, Bolsa Avenue, and Brookhurst Avenue. In 2008, there was one fatal accident on Westminster Boulevard, and in 2009, there was also another fatal accident on Westminster Boulevard. In 2008, there were was one fatal accident on Beach Boulevard, and there was also another accident on Beach Boulevard in 2009. There was also a fatal accident on Edinger Avenue in 2008. Busy streets may seem safer to freeways, but they can also be very dangerous. On busy streets, drivers must be alert for pedestrians. Drivers must also be careful of other drivers running red lights.

Westminster drivers are vulnerable to car accidents. The high density of drivers, commuters, and pedestrians increases risk of traffic accidents. Westminster’s close proximity to the beach also affects the weather conditions. During the winter, Westminster is susceptible to heavy rain and dense fog. These extreme weather conditions decrease visibility and affect driving capability. The combination of bad weather conditions and reckless driving create a deadly combination.

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