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Seal Beach is located in Northwest Orange County. It is bordered by Long Beach, Huntington Beach, and Westminster. It has a quaint, small-town feel. Seal Beach has a proud history. The city tree is a Carob. Chrysanthemum is the city flower.

Seal Beach was once inhabited by the Gabrielino and Puvungas Indians. The Gabrielino tribe was nomadic and cheerful people. It is believed that they lived by the banks of the San Gabriel River. The Puvungas Indians were coastal Indians that lived on the beaches.

In 1862, Don Abel Stearns was granted 200,000 acres. Present day Seal Beach was among these acres. In the Late 1800s, John Bixby, Jotham Bixby, and I.W. Hellman purchased land from Stearns. This land would later be Seal Beach. Today, the names Bixby and Hellman still play important part of Seal Beach.

After the gold rush, Anaheim was created. People of Anaheim used Seal Beach as a port, and it was known as Anaheim Landing. It was the boat landing and seaside recreation for Anaheim. Today, the original Anaheim Landing is a registered California Historical Landmark. In the beginning of the 20th century, Seal Beach was known as Bay City, but San Francisco already held that title. In 1915, Seal Beach was incorporated and received its name. The city was named after Seal Beach because of the many sea Lions that could be seen along the coast.

Seal Beach was a popular amusement park destination. This was before Disneyland was created in Anaheim. The amusement park was created by Frank Burt. He named the park Fun and Frolic. In early summer of 1916, a 1,865 foot long pier was constructed. The park was famous for its Seal Beach roller coaster.

The depression devastated land development in Seal Beach. Seal Beach’s waterfront attractions fell apart. The city experienced a darker period. During this time, Seal Beach was known as “Sin City” because of the lack of police. During the prohibition, the city was filled with illegal rum producers. Prostitution was also prevalent during this time.

All of Seal Beach’s residents work hard to maintain the clean beautiful beaches. City programs, non-profit groups, and businesses are important part of Seal Beach’s beautiful image. In 2010, the Seal Beach Nourishment project won the Best Restored Beach Award. Thanks to all of all of the city programs, non-profit groups, and businesses Seal Beach has been able to upkeep many of its beautiful attractions.

Seal Beach has a high fatal car accident rate for its population size. In 2009, there was one fatal accident. It involved 3 vehicles. There was one death as a result of the accident. The accident occurred close to the 405 freeway. In 2008, there were 3 fatal accidents. Two of these accidents were caused by drunken drivers. There were 3 fatalities and 7 people involved. In 2008, Seal Beach’s fatal accident rate was higher than California’s accident rate. However, the actual numbers of accidents are much higher because these numbers only take into account fatal accidents. The actual car accident rate is much higher.

Freeways often contribute to the number of car accidents in a city. There are four freeways that pass through Seal Beach: 405, 605, 22, and 1. Interstate 405 is a major north-south Interstate Highway in Southern California. It is one of the most congested freeways in the nation. In 2008, the average traffic on 405 in Seal Beach was up to 374,000. The heavy traffic is due to many commuters using this freeway. A popular joke about the 405 is that its name comes from the fact drivers often go at “4” or “5” miles per hour. In 2009, there was one fatal accident on the 405. There was another fatal accident on the 405 in 2008. Interstate 605 is another freeway that passes through Seal Beach. This is a major north-south interstate highway in Southern California. Interstate 605 passes through southern Los Angeles County and Orange County. During rush hour, this freeway is also very congested. State Route 22 is an east-west highway that passes through Seal Beach. It is located in southern Los Angeles County and northern Orange County. Many commuters from Inland Empire and Inland Orange County use this freeway. There have been many accidents on this freeway. California State Route 1 is commonly known as the Pacific Coast Highway. It is a major north-south state highway that runs along the coastline of California. It passes through Seal Beach. This freeway is a popular freeway for tourists to drive on because it runs along the beautiful coast.

In addition to the many freeways, Seal Beach has many other causes of car accidents. First, beach cities tend to be more difficult to drive in. The windy beach streets and foggy conditions create difficult driving conditions. Seal Beach is also a popular tourist location. The many tourists, unfamiliar with the area, can also affect road safety. Since outdoor activities are also very popular in Seal Beach there are often pedestrians outside. Drivers and pedestrians need to be careful when on the road. Seal Beach also has many popular bars. In 2008, two of the fatal accidents were caused by drunken drivers.

Car accidents are incredibly traumatic experiences. Accidents cause long last emotional and physical damage. The recovery process can be long and difficult. A severe car accident can mean time away from work and physical therapy. These victims are forced to stay in hospitals and go through difficult physical therapy. Car accidents mean loss of income, expensive medical bills, car repair bills, and more. If you or someone you love was involved in a car accident, there are legal resources available to help you seek damages. An expert Car Accident lawyer can guide you through all the legal proceedings.

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