San Juan Capistrano Accident Lawyer

San Juan Capistrano is a beautiful city located in southern Orange County. The majestic city was built around the Mission San Juan Capistrano. San Juan Capistrano’s rich history still is reflected in the city. Much of the homes and building were built in the traditional Spanish style. The city is also famous for its annual migration of the cliff swallows.

Mission San Juan Capistrano was founded in the 1770s. It was named after a 15th century theologian, Giovanni da Capistrano. This mission was actually founded twice. First, it was founded by Farther Fermin Lausen in 1775. However, news of an Indian attack forced the original founder to flee the mission. A year later on November 1, 1776, Father Junipero Serra arrived at the former mission and founded the mission once again.

In the late 1700s, many important beautiful buildings were built. Approximately 40 adobe dwellings were built for the Mission Indians. A beautiful stone church was also built. The church was built in the shape of a cross and had a bell tower of 120 feet. It was officially dedicated on September 7, 1806. In 1812, an earthquake destroyed the church and took many lives.

In the mid-1800s, the area experienced a period of secularization. Governor Figueroa choose Mission San Juan Capistrano as a place for free Indians. During the secularization, some of the mission lands were sold to the Forster family and other settlers. A few church authorities stayed in the mission, but Forster family occupied most of the mission.

In 1864, the Forster family moved onto their Santa Margarita Ranch and left the mission. The Catholic Church regained a portion of the mission land, in 1865. President Abraham Lincoln gave the church the right to use the land for religious purposes.

By the 1870s, San Juan Capistrano was a growing town. There was a school, post office, saloons, and a hotel. In 1881, a railroad was built. This railroad brought tourists and newcomers to the city.

In 1961, San Juan Capistrano is incorporated into Orange County. At the time, the population was 1, 130. San Juan Capistrano began planning significant urban development. The city wanted to develop the city but still keep its adobe village like character. In 1974, San Juan Capistrano established the Cultural Heritage Commission. Its purpose was to promote awareness and appreciation of San Juan Capistrano rich cultural history. In 1976, the city created the Agriculture Preservation Program, which was designed to maintain the various agricultural operations in the city.

San Juan Capistrano does not have many car accidents. In 2009, there was only one fatal accident and one fatality. There were no fatal accidents in 2008. In 2007, there were two fatal accidents. However, these rates can be misleading. These rates do not include nonfatal car accidents. A car accident does not need to be fatal to have traumatic effects on the victims. Victims can sustain life-long injuries from non-fatal accidents. A non-fatal accident can still cause extensive physical damage to a vehicle.

Freeways often contribute to accident rates in a city. Four freeways pass through or are near San Juan Capistrano. Interstate 5 is the busiest freeway that passes through San Juan Capistrano. It is also the only non-toll freeway that passes through San Juan Capistrano. This freeway is a major north south route of the Interstate Highway in California. Interstate 5 passes through many major cities such as San Diego, Santa Ana, Los Angeles, Seattle, Eugene, and Tacoma. It is one of the most congested freeways in the nation. San Juan Capistrano citizens must take this freeway in order to drive to other main cities like San Diego and Los Angeles. In 2008, there was one fatal accident on Interstate 5.

There are two toll roads that pass through San Juan Capistrano. These two toll roads are California State Route 73 and 74. California State Route 73 runs from Interstate 405 to Interstate 5. All of California State Route 73 is located in Orange County, California. Portions of this toll road do not have tolls. This freeway passes through Crystal Cove State Park, University of California, Irvine, and John Wayne Airport. California State Route 74 is another toll road that passes through San Juan Capistrano. It runs from Palm Desert to San Juan Capistrano. This freeway is part of the California Freeway and Expressway System. It passes through Cleveland Mountains, Lake Elsinore, and many of the inland cities. Toll roads can be dangerous because cars tend to drive at higher speeds on toll roads. Luckily, no fatal accidents were reported on these toll roads.

Pacif Coast Highway does not pass through San Juan Capistrano, but it runs very close to Pacific Coast Highway. This freeway is a major north-south state highway. Its real name is State Route 1, but it is popularly known as Pacific Coast Highway in Southern California. This freeway runs along much of the beautiful California coastline. It is a popular route for tourists. Although no fatal accidents have occurred on Pacific Coast Highway, it can be a difficult road to drive on. Beach roads are notorious for their confusing routes, and many tourists, unfamiliar with the road, use this road.

Anyone can be a victim of a car accident. Car accidents can cause endless emotional and physical trauma. The damages can result in not only car repair bills but also medical bills, loss of income, and even loss of a loved one. Insurance will be able to cover a small portion of the damages, but an experienced car accident lawyer can help you seek the maximum damages for you rlosses.

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