San Clemente Accident Lawyer

San Clemente is a beautiful town located between San Diego and Los Angeles and is amongst the first cities in the United States to be part of a master planned community on open land. It was originally rejected by Orange County but its founder was persistent in building a Spanish style community by the Pacific.

Ole Hanson is the person credited for founding San Clemente “I have a clean canvas and I am determined to paint a clean picture. Think of it - a canvas five miles long and one and one-half miles wide!" So, Henson at 26-years-old envisioned the “Spanish Village by the Sea” after viewing the virgin land on a trip from Los Angeles to San Diego. He undertook the task of making sure that the land filled with wild sage and mustard plants turned out the way he envisioned.

People originally though Hanson was crazy for investing so much money in a community that had not buildings. But after six months of hard work he managed to sell a record 1,200 lots – all with specific building guidelines.

Every home ownership deed for San Clemente mandated that residents comply with stringent Spanish Colonial Revival style guidelines. They had to have uniform handmade red tile roofs and whitewashed stucco walls. To meet the demands of the growing community, a tile and wrought iron foundry was established in the town. And if a home was built that didn’t comply with Hanson’s guidelines, he would either pay for its remodeling or purchase it himself to rebuild in accordance to the guidelines.

San Clemente residents often think of their town as paradise. Today, their town has the 1920’s vision of a Spanish Village by the Sea, sun that shines 342 days a year, and provides the conveniences of metropolitan Southern California that are balanced by fresh ocean air and beaches that seem untouched by time.

Personal injury cases, including car accidents that result in serious injury or costly physical damage do not evade the town of San Clemente. In 2011, they saw three fatal accidents involving four vehicles and one of the accidents involved a DUI case.

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Hiring a San Clemente Car Accident Lawyer

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When you are in an accident, there is the accumulation of hospital bills, auto shop bills, car rentals and unexpected expenses that a person has to deal with right after an accident. And depending on the severity of the accident, sometimes the victim is unable to work and has no money to pay for food or hospital bills, which gradually causes things to fall apart.

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