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Placentia is located in Northern Orange County. Its name is derived from the Latin word for pleasant. Placentia’s mission statement is to keep “Placentia a pleasant place by providing a safe family atmosphere, superior public services and policies that promote the highest standards of community life.” Its Vision statement is to “maintain an open, honest, responsive and innovative government that delivers quality services in a fair and equitable manner while optimizing available resources.” This city’s motto is “a pleasant place to live.”

Modern day Placentia was once part of a Mexican land grant. In 1837, the governor of Mexico gave the land grant to Juan Ontiveros. This land grant was known as Rancho San Juan Cajon De Santa Ana. The land grant included the modern day cities Placentia, Anaheim, Fullerton, and La Habra.

One of the first settlers of the area was Daniel Kraemer. He purchased 3900 acres in 1865. Another early settler was William McFadden and his wife. They acquired 100 acres. These two settlers marked the beginning of increased migration to the area. The settlers multiplied. Placentia grew exponentially. The residents began developed the area by building churches and school.

Placentia eventually received its name in 1878. It was named in a unique way. Originally, the school district was going to be named the Cajon School District. However, one of the earlier settlers suggested that the district name be changed to the Placentia School District. The city name is a result of the name change. Placentia comes from a Latin word meaning “pleasant place to live.”

In 1926, 500 citizens voted to incorporate Placentia. By 1960, the population had grown to 5,000. In only 10 years, in 1970, the population had exponentially grown to 25,000. According the U. S. Census, Placentia’s population was in 46, 488 in 2000. The population has grown to 50,533 in the 2010 census.

The beautiful city is known for its famous annual events. Every year in October, Placentia holds the Placentia Heritage Festival and Parade. There is a car show, craft vendors, non-profit displays, business showcases and more. The parade has over 80 entries and 20 marching bands. Every year, Placentia also has a Tamale Festival. Each fall downtown Placentia is filled with Restaurants, tamales, and people. There are holiday decorations and live music. This event is a very popular annual event.

Placentia is a beautiful city with a small town feel. Luckily, there have not been many fatal car accidents in this great town. In 2007, there were two fatal accidents that had two pedestrian fatalities. However, in 2008 and 2009, there were no fatalities or fatal accidents reported. Placentia is very lucky that it does not have many fatal accidents, but these statistics can be misleading. These statistics only account for fatal accidents. If nonfatal accidents were included in these statistics, the actual car accident rate would be much higher. An accident does not need to be fatal to have long lasting negative effects. An individual can sustain serious injuries from a nonfatal accident. There is always emotional trauma after an accident, even the less severe ones.

Cart accidents can happen to anyone. Even the seasoned and experienced driver can become victim a car accident. Freeways often contribute to accident rates. There are two freeways that pass through Placentia: California State Route 91 and California State Route 57.

State Route 91 is a major east-west freeway in Southern California. It is a heavily congested freeway during rush hour. This freeway runs from southern Orange County to Riverside. Many commuters from Inland Orange County and Inland Empire use this freeway to drive to Los Angeles and South Orange County. This freeway connects too many important freeways such as the 55, 5, 105, and 605. There is also a toll road for a portion of this freeway. State Route 91 also has a high occupancy vehicle lane.

California State 57 is another important freeway. This freeway is also known as the Orange Freeway. It is a north-south state highway. This freeway connects the Interstate 5 and State Route 22. During rush hour, this freeway is usually heavily congested. This freeway also connects to State route 60, which Placentia residents can use to drive to Los Angeles or the Inland Empire. California State 57 used to have much more congestion, but recent construction has helped alleviate the traffic to an extent. However, the construction does make driving on the 57 confusing and a bit more difficult. Although it does not have as much congestion as other Orange County freeways, fatal accidents still occur on this freeway. In 2007, two of the accidents occurred near the 57 freeway.

Car accidents are incredibly traumatic and damaging experiences. A car accident can result in physical pain such as long term back pain or broken bones. It can result in high car repair bills and medical bills. Victims even often experience loss of income because they are unable to work for long periods of time. Not only is there physical trauma and monetary loss there is also emotional trauma for the victim and the victim’s families. Car accidents cause unbelievable trauma and damage. The extent of trauma and damage is incredible.

If you or someone you love is the victim of a car accident, there are legal resources available to help you through this difficult time. A car accident lawyer can help you seek damages for you any loss you may have experienced. You deserve compensation for your losses. Compensation will not instantly heal all the trauma, but it will, without a doubt, help you move your life forward. The right lawyer will guide you through each step of the complicated legal proceedings.

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