Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer

Itís impossible to tell what corner could be hiding an accident for you to stumble into. Hopefully, itís nothing to be concerned about because you exercise caution and care every day. Sometimes an accident comes from out of the blue and seriously injures you or a loved one. What can you do then?

The best way to protect you following an accident is to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. No matter what kind of accident ó car, truck, motorcycle, pedestrian, plane, wrongful death or slip and fall ó it falls under civil law or tort. You need a respected accident attorney to help you file a claim, find medical care and negotiate with insurance companies.

Under the rules of accident law, it is assumed that every person has a civil duty to conduct themselves in a way that will not hurt others. Choosing to ignore speed limits, running red lights, or other actions that could potentially contribute to accidents and injuries is negligent. Those people then have to pay the price for their willful negligence.

No matter how simple the accident seems, hiring a personal injury lawyer will only help increase the value of your case. For example, if you were involved in a car crash where you were not at fault then you might think that settling with the insurance company would be easy. However, companies can deny liability or claim that you are partially to blame. Your accident lawyer can prove to insurers where the real negligence lies.

Beyond dealing with the physical pain brought on from the accident, financial issues become stressful as well. Your injury may prevent you from working, which puts a strain on the entire family. In some cases, the immediate medical costs put an even greater strain on finances.

When you hire Dara Law, you can be comforted by the fact that we work on contingency. In other words, we donít get paid until you get paid. Itís only after you have received the fair settlement you deserve that your attorney collects a fee. If need be, your attorney can also find a doctor to care for you on contingency.

Do remember that time is an important factor after an accident. If you are injured, always seek medical help, file an accident report and contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Waiting until the statute of limitations nears or delaying your case in any way could negatively affect your chances of receiving the settlement you need.

Thatís why Dara Law provides free legal consultations all day everyday for people who were hurt in an accident. Our accident lawyers are available to help you determine the validity and value of your case. Donít let another minute go by without speaking to the best accident lawyers in Orange County today.