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Orange is a majestic city in Orange County, California. Its motto is “A Slice of Old Town Charm.” In 2000, there were 128, 821 people living in Orange. By 2010, the population had grown to 136, 416. Orange is a diverse city with people from Central America, South America, Asia, and the Middle East. The diversity of the city adds to the tradition and beauty of the city.

The city was first inhabited by Native American Indians named Gabrielios by the Spaniards. Juan Pablo Grijalva was the first Spaniard to own land. He was a retired soldier. Ion 1802, the Spanish colonial government gave him his land, which ran from the Santa Ana River and the foothills about Villa Park to the Newport Beach. After Grijalva passed, his son-in-law Jose Antonio Yorba took over the ranch. The land was named Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana. Grijalva’s many children and grandchildren moved onto to the ranch and took over certain portion. The land even grew to present Riverside.

In the early 1860’s, one of the family members, Leonardo Cota, borrowed money from Abel Stearns. Leonardo Cota used his land as collateral. Stearns later demanded some of the land he was due. He filed a lawsuit in the Los Angeles Superior Court. Two Los Angeles lawyers, Alfred Beck Chapman and Andrew Glassell, were involved in the case. These two lawyers received some of their payment in land. By 1870, the two lawyers owned about 5,400 acres in downtown Orange. Chapman thought it would be a good place for a flourishing town. The location was close to the Santa Ana River. It had rich soil and there were many roads nearby. He hired a surveyor and divided the land into tracts of 40, 80, and 120 acres. Chapman named the new town Richland and began selling the lots.

On April 6, 1888, Orange was incorporated. After the 1880s, Orange’s boom was over. In 1913 and 1916, Orange’s farmers had to combat extreme weather conditions. However, in 1920, oranges became the city’s major crop. In 1929, Orange County produced more than $12 million in oranges. In fact, 820,000 boxes of fruit came from just one of the packinghouses in oranges. However in the 1930s, the Great Depression negatively affected the economy. During the late 1930’s, Orange also experienced bad weather. The bad weather damaged many roadways and farmlands.

As Orange grew, it has continued to absorb and acquire new areas. Many businesses flocked to Orange. The city is home to many family-owned stores and large companies. This brings many commuters to Orange. The increase of commuters has dramatically increased traffic. Traffic affects the accident rate of a city. Orange’s accident rate has also increased as it has developed.

In 2009, Orange had 8 fatal accidents. 12 vehicles were involved in these fatal accidents. Half of these accidents were caused by drunk drivers. There were a total of 8 fatalities, and 19 people were involved in these accidents. Orange had more fatal accidents per 100,000 residents than the California average. These statistics does not include the non-fatal collisions. A car accident can happen to anyone. In 2008, there were 11 fatal accidents. 24 vehicles were involved in these accidents. 5 of these accidents were caused by drunken driver. 34 people were involved in fatal accident.

There are four freeways that pass through Orange: 55, 5, 22, and 57. The California State Route 55 is a north-south highway in southern California. It is a heavily congested freeway. Many commuters from Inland Orange County and Inland Empire use this freeway to get to work. There have also been many accidents on this freeway. In 2009, there was one fatal accident on the 55. There were 4 fatal accidents on the 55, in 2008.

Interstate 5 is another important freeway that passes through Orange. It is the main highway on the West Coast of the United States. The Interstate 5 connects many important cities such as Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Diego. It is also one of the most congested freeways in the United States. In 2008, there were 2 accidents on the Interstate 5.

California State Route 22 is another freeway that passes through Orange. It is known as the Garden Grove Freeway. This freeway is an east-west route in Orange County. California State Route 22 connects too many important Southern California freeways such as the Interstate 55, Interstate 405, and State Route 55. In 2009, there were two accidents on the 22 freeway.

Another important freeway is California State Route 57. This freeway is also known as the Orange Freeway. It is a north-south state highway. The 57 connects too many important freeways such as State 91 and State Route 60. Many Orange commuters utilize the 57. California State Route 57 also passes by the Angel Stadium, Honda Center, and Cal State Fullerton.

Orange is a populated and busy city. This means that there were many busy streets in Orange. Cars are driving slower on local streets, but driving on these streets can still be dangerous. In 2009, there was one fatal accident on Euclid Street and another fatal accident on North Main Street. There were two fatal accidents on Chapman Avenue, in 2008. The remaining fatal accident, in these two years, all occurred on local streets.

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