Newport Beach Accident Lawyer

Newport Beach is a beautiful community located in Orange County. It is a popular tourist location. The affluent community is full of beautiful beaches, hiking trails, and prominent business. The city tree is the coral tree, and the city flower is the Bougainvillea. In 2000, there were 70, 032 people living in Newport Beach. By 2010, the population had grown to 85,186.

The Tongva, Juaneño, and Luiseño Indians first inhabited the Newport Beach area. Don Jose Antonio Yorba I was eventually granted a land grant that included modern day Newport Beach. The Yorbas owned the Newport area for many years. In 1837, Jose Sepulvdda was given 47,000 acres, which included Newport Beach.

Jose Sepulveda named his ranch Rancho San Joaquin. It was a successful ranch dependent on produce and cattle. Sepulveda did not utilize the nearby ocean. He lived a lavish lifestyle. Sepulveda grow rich when the Gold Rush brought prospectors to California. However, in 1852, a new law required that each ranchero had to prove ownership of his land. This process was expensive and required surveys and court appearances. Sepulveda was not able to keep his ranch, and he sold his ranch in 1864 to Flint, Bixby, Irvine, and Company.

Sepulveda’s sale of his rancho marked a pivotal change in Newport Beach development. James McFadden also purchased land. McFadden wanted to create a town by selling parts of his land. He was able to sell his ranch land to settlers, successfully building the town.

In 1875, James McFadden and his brother, Robert, acquired Newport landing and operated a thriving commercial trade and shipping business for nineteen years. To grow their business, the McFaddens built the McFaddens’ Wharf in the inner shores of the bay. The McFadden Wharf brought commerce and more settlers to Newport. Its success came to an end in 1899. The Federal Government funded a competing harbor in San Pedro, which replaced McFadden Wharf as a seaport. McFadden Wharf and railroad was then sold to the Southern Pacific Railroad.

In 1902, James McFadden sold some of his land to William S. Collins. Collins envisioned Newport Bay as a resort. He partnered with Henry E. Huntington and formed the Newport Beach Company. In 1905, Collins began creating a channel and modern day Balboa Island. During this year, Pacific Electric began servicing the area. This brought many tourists from Los Angeles.

In August 1906, Newport Beach was incorporated. Two years later, in 1908, John Scarpa planned the first Christmas lights boat parade. This first parade marked the beginning of a tradition that is still part of Newport Beach today. In fact, the Newport Beach Holiday parade is considered to be one of the best in the nation.

Newport Beach has strong business commerce and is a popular location for tourists. Both these attributes bring many people to the city of Newport Beach. The influx of commuters during rush hours contributes to the heavy traffic. Tourists flocking to Newport Beach during special events and to the beaches also increase traffic. These increases of traffic contribute to the accident rate.

In 2009, there were 4 fatal accidents in Newport Beach. Six vehicles were involved in these accidents. One accident was caused by a drunk driver. There were 12 people involved. In 2008, there were 4 fatal accidents. Three of these fatal accidents were caused by drunken drivers. 4 people were killed in these accidents. Newport Beach’s car accident rate is lower than California’s average fatality rate. However, do not let this give you a false sense of security. These statistics do not take into account collisions without fatalities. Car accidents do not need to be fatal to cause irreprehensible damage. Victims can sustain life-long injuries from car accidents. Furthermore, these statistics do not take into account the families and additional people affected by these fatalities. These victims’ families will have to live without a loved one for the rest of their lives.

Freeways often contribute to car accidents. High speeds and many cars can be a dangerous combination. Newport has two freeways that run through it. One of these freeways is the California state Route 55. The state route 55 is a north-south highway in Southern California. This freeway is very congested during rush hour. Many inland Orange County and Inland Empire residents use this freeway to commute to Newport. This traffic can be dangerous. In fact one of the fatal accidents in 2009 occurred on the 55. It is important to remember to drive safely and cautiously in these areas.

Another important freeway is the Pacific Coast Highway. The Pacific coast Highway, or the State Route 1, is a major north-south state highway. It runs along most of the Pacific coastline. This freeway is famous for its beautiful views of the ocean. However, it can still be a dangerous place to drive on. In 2009, one of the accidents occurred on Pacific Coast Highway. Every driver or passenger could be a victim of a car accident. Even the best and most careful driver cannot avoid every single accident.

Car accidents are incredibly traumatic experiences. A car accident can result in expensive medical bills, car bills, and even loss of income. These expenses cannot begin to even cover the emotional trauma experienced by the victim. Car accidents cause incredible damage. Thankfully, there are legal resources available to help any victims through this difficult time. A car accident attorney can help you through the legal proceedings. The right car accident attorney will help you seek damages for any losses you have experienced.

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