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Mission Viejo is a suburban community in Southern Orange County in the Saddleback Valley. It is recognized as one of the nation’s most successful master-planned communities. The city motto is “Make Living Your Mission.” In 2000, according to the 2000 census, there were 93, 102 people living in Mission Viejo. According to the 2010 census, there were 93, 305 residents in Mission Viejo.

Mission Viejo was named after the large Spanish land grant that the city was founded on. The land grant was known as Rancho Mission Viejo. It was 52,000 acre land grant. In 1769, Spaniard Gaspar de Portola claimed the land.

In 1821, California experienced significant change. Mexico won its independence from Spain. As a result of this independence, the California missions became secularized. Much of the mission land was given as land grants to prominent California citizens. English trader, John Forster, received three land grants.

John Forster married the Mexican governor’s sister. After the marriage, he acquired three ranchos: El Trabuco, Mission Viejo, and Los Potreros. However, John Forster did not handle his ranches well. He spent much of his money on fencing the 205,000 acres. There was also significant drought so his cattle and crops suffered. He also failed at attracting settlers to the land. When he died, his lands were worthless. Forster’s sons had no choice but to sell the land.

Richard O’Neil acquired Rancho El Trabuco and Rancho Mission Viejo, in 1907. He kept the land for many years. In the 1960s, urbanization spread south of Los Angeles and into Orange County. However, many early developers did not believe Mission Viejo was developable. In 1963, Richard O’Neil’s grandchildren sold 10,000 acres of the land. The property was purchased by Donald Bren, Philip J. Reilly, and James Toepfer. These three men formed the Mission Viejo Company.

Donald Bren was an urban planner. He drafted a master plan for the Mission Viejo land. The plan placed roads in the valleys and homes on the hills. This plan was very successful. In 1966, settlers were standing in line and paying $21,000 for homes. By April of 1966, residents were moving into new neighborhoods. In 1967, Mission Viejo opened its first elementary school, Marguerite O’Neil. This year was also Mission Viejo’s first annual Christmas program. In 1968, there were groundbreaking ceremonies held for Montanoso Recreation Center. Other important events included Mission Viejo High School’s first graduating senior class and Governor Ronald Reagan’s dedicated Saddleback Community College.

Mission Viejo has had a relatively low fatal car accident rate. In 2009, there were two fatal accidents that resulted in seven fatalities. Both accidents were caused by drunk drivers. In 2008, there were three fatal accidents that resulted in 3 fatalities. Two of these three accidents were caused by drunk drivers. From 1992 to 2009, the Mission Viejo fatality rate was only above the California average two years. Generally, the Mission Viejo average was significantly below the California average. However, these statistics can be misleading. First, these statistics do not take into account car accidents without fatalities. Survivors of car accidents can have life-long emotional and physical trauma. This trauma often extends to victims’ families. These victims may be alive, but they must live with the trauma with the rest of their lives. Secondly, these statistics could easily and quickly change. A car accident can happen in an instance. All it takes is one drive to be distracted for a moment, and a horrible car accident could occur.

Car accidents often happen on freeways. The steady flow of fast cars can be a dangerous combination. Mission Viejo’s closest freeway is the Interstate 5. The interstate 5 is the main interstate highway on the West Coast. It runs parallel to the Pacific Ocean. This freeway also connects many of the largest cities such as San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, Sacramento, and Washington. The Interstate 5 is also one of the most congested freeways in the nation. During rush hour, this freeway is always congested. In 2009, one of the fatal accidents occurred on the Interstate 5. While driving on freeways, it is important to always keep an appropriate amount of space between the car in front and you. Drivers should also always be attentive and aware of all cars. Car accidents on freeway are usually deadly and dangerous. It is especially important to practice safe driving habits.

Mission Viejo’s fatal accidents also happened on the freeway. In 2009, a fatal accident occurred on Los Alisos Boulevard. A fatal accident occurred on Marguerite Parkway, in 2008. Another accident occurred on Olympia Road, in 2009. Although these accidents happened on local streets, they were still very deadly.

Of the 5 accidents that happened in 2008 and 2009, 4 of these fatal accidents involved a drunk driver. Drunken driving is a serious issue. Many drunken driving cases are the symptom of a large problem: alcohol abuse. The damage, caused by alcohol related crashes, is estimated to cost $37 billion annually. In 2010, one person died every 51 minutes in a drunken driving related crash. These are very serious and sad statistics.

Drunk driving is completely avoidable problem. Instead of driving when you are intoxicated, you should have a sober driver. One of your friends can be your designated driver. Your life is more important than a night of fun. You can also call a cab to pick you up. If you know you have to drive, just do not drink. There is never an excuse for drinking and driving. Driving impaired affects not only your lives but the lives of other on the road. It is inexcusable. Too many lives have been lost because of a drunk driver. Be responsible, and plan ahead.

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Mission Viejo sits in a location that was once thought undevelopable and has become one of the largest master planned, single-project communities ever in the United States. It is known for its picturesque tree-lined, Spanish-style neighborhood; an obsession of Donald Bren, the developer.

Today, it stands as mainly a residential city with a few businesses and offices but it actually got its name from the large Spanish land grant - Rancho Mission Viejo, a large ranch. Mission Viejo makes up the portion of the ranch that is full of hills and was mainly used for cattle and horse grazing. At one point, the land was deemed undevelopable and became one of the last regions of Orange County to be urbanized due to its geologic complexity.

It wasn’t until urban planner Donald Bren drafted a master plan for a community, which made use of the valleys and hills that development took off. During the 1970s and 1980s housing tracks would sell out prior to being built. Home buyers were captivated by the use of roads in the valleys, houses on the hills that captured Spanish architecture and even a lake. Not all newer development has maintained the Spanish architecture style Bren envisioned, however.

If you are driving down Interstate 5 Freeway through South Orange County, you’ll pass through the southern section of Mission Viejo too. It is bordered by Lake Forest to the north and San Juan Capistrano to the south.

Although considered one of the safest cities in the U.S. by Morgan Quito crime statistics, Mission Viejo sees its fair share of automobile accidents – some of which are fatal. In 2011 there were three fatalities that occurred in three different car accidents in the city, none of which were caused by drunken drivers. In 2010, there was even one accounted fatality on the 5 Fwy. However, Mission Viejo has seen a steady decline in automobile wrecks since 2004, which was recorded as 10.5 per 100,000 population.

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On average, the U.S. sees a large amount of fatal car accidents per year. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2010 alone, there were 1.1 deaths per 100 million vehicles in the nation, which amounts to approximately 32,885 deaths each year nationwide.

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