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Los Alamitos is a small city on the border of Orange County. In 2000, the population was 11, 536. According to the 2010 census, Los Alamito’s population was 11, 449. It is bordered by unincorporated community Rossmor and Seal Beach. The city flower is the Daisy, which is supposed to represent youth.

Before the Spaniards arrived in the Los Alamitos area, the Puvu Indians inhabited the area. Spaniards led by Gaspar De Portola, in 1769, arrived in California and began colonizing it. The land was sectioned off into Rancherias. Missionaries also came to convert the native Indians.

In 1784, Governor Fages, one of the original members of the de Portola expedition, gave massive land grants to his former comrades. The two recipients of this land were Sergeants Dominguez and Nieto. Nieto’s land grant was made up of the lands between Santa Ana and San Gabriel Rivers. It also extended to the ocean. This land grant would eventually become many Los Angeles and Northern Orange cities.

After Don Manuel Nieto’s death, the large land grant was divided among his children. The land was turned into five large ranchos. One of the ranchos makes up Los Alamitos and parts of Long Beach. The rancho had 85,000 acres of land. It was given to Nieto’s son Juan Jose Nieto. Juan Jose Nieto eventually sold the rancho to Governor Figueroa for $500.

After the governor passed, Abel Stearns bought the land in 1842 for approximately $6,000. Stearns was able to make the ranch successful. However, a bad drought in the mid-1860s killed many of the cattle. Stearns had to sell the rancho to Michael Reese. Reese was a money lender from San Francisco.

Michael Reese left the lands alone until 1878. In 1878, John Bixby leased the rancho to raise grain and sheep. Three years later, in 1881, I.W. Hellman and the J. Bixby Company purchased the Los Alamitos rancho. The Rancho had been reduced to 28, 087 acres throughout years. I.W. Hellman and the J. Bixby Company set aside five thousand acres to develop a town.

Ex-Senator William Clark of Montana purchase 8, 139 acres of the rancho land. He purchased the land to raise sugar beets, but he also planned the township of Los Alamitos. Clark built the first sugar refinery in Southern California on this property. He also began constructing housing and other buildings.

In 2009, Los Alamitos had one car accident that resulted in one fatality. Thankfully, no one else was hurt in this accident. In 2008, there were two fatal accidents that resulted in 2 fatalities. One of the accidents was caused by a drunk driver. These may seem like low numbers, but in comparison to the population of Los Alamitos it is actually quite high. In comparison of the California average per 100,000 populations, Los Alamitos was higher than California’s average from 2005-2009. Furthermore, these statistics are only for non-fatal accidents. If these numbers included non-fatal accidents, the actual number of accidents would be much higher.

All of these accidents occurred on the 605. Interstate 605 is officially known as the San Gabriel Freeway. It is a major north-south highway in Southern California. This freeway experiences heavy traffic during rush hour. For Los Alamitos residents, the Interstate 605 is one of the closest freeways. The 605 freeway connects to the 405 and 91. These are both important freeways for commuters. In 2009, the only fatal accident in Los Alamitos occurred on the 605. There were 2 fatal accidents on the 605 in 2008. The Interstate 605 is a congested freeway, which contributes to the danger.

The Interstate 405 is another freeway bordering Los Alamitos. It is also a major north-south interstate highway in southern California. The Interstate 405 is one of the most congested freeways in the world. It is an important freeway for many commuters. Commuters often joke that the freeway was numbered 405 because motorists often only go “4” or “5” miles per house on the 405. In 2011, a section of the 405 was closed for a weekend. Much of the public believed that it would be Carmageddon, but traffic was not as heavy as everyone feared it would be. Many accidents happen on this congested freeway. It is important for all drivers to drive carefully and attentively.

Every driver is susceptible to a car accident. We have all had those moments when we get cut off or we miss a vehicle in a blind spot. However, it is important to remember to drive safely and cautiously. Car accidents can happen to anyone. It only takes a moment of distraction for a horrific accident to occur. Distracted driving has increasingly becoming a bigger safety issue. As technology becomes more readily available, motorists have more and more distractions. Distractions can also include eating, using navigation, or talking to passengers while driving.

According to the Nation Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2010, 3092 people died in crashes involving a distracted driver. Approximately 416,000 were injured in crashes involving a distracted driver.

One of the most serious distractions is mobile use while driving. Texting requires visual, manual, and cognitive attention from the driver. When a driver sends or receives a text, the driver’s eyes are taken off the road. During the time the driver’s eyes are taken off the road, the driver is basically driving blind. Furthermore, data shows that cell phone use while driving reduces brain activity by 37%.

Many of the states have passed a law banning texting and hand held phone use while driving. These laws are important to keeping Americans safe on the road. It is also important for everyone to be educated on the dangers of distractions while driving. Certain states ban eating and drinking while driving, but there are many more distractions. Even talking to a passenger can be a distraction. Every driver needs to be educated on the dangers of distracted driving.

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