Laguna Woods Accident Lawyer

Laguna Woods is a beautiful city in Orange County. In 2010, it had a population of 16,192. Laguna Woods was incorporated in 1999. It was Orange Countyís 32nd city. The median population of Laguna Woods is 78. Approximately 90% of Laguna Woods is a retirement community. This retirement community is known as Laguna Woods Village. There are also three additional senior residential communities in the city. The cityís incorporation efforts were driven by the development of Laguna Woods Village.

Laguna Woods is bordered by the Interstate 5. This is the main interstate highway on the West Coast of the United States. It is parallel to the Pacific Ocean, and it connects some of the largest cities on the west Coast. It is also one of the busiest Interstates in the Nation. The 5 typically has heavy traffic. It also intersects many other important freeways. To drive anywhere in southern Orange County, you have to take the 5 freeway. Due to the heavy traffic and high volume of vehicles, there is also a high risk of car accidents.

Accidents on freeways are often fatal and serious. While driving on a freeway, it is important to drive with caution. Always leave an appropriate amount of space between you and vehicle in front. Do not speed. Speeding increases your risk of accidents. Always focus on the road. It only takes a few seconds of distractions to be in a horrible car accident. Any phone calls or emails can wait till you reach your destination.

If you are in a car accident, stay calm. You may be in shock, but it is dangerous for you to just stay in your car. Put on your hazard lights. This will warn other drivers on the road. If you donít find a way to warn other drivers, another driver may collide into your vehicle. If you can move your car, you should pull over to the side of the road. Communicate with any other drivers involved in the accident. Before you communicate with other drivers, you should notify the police. The police can help you sort out the accident. You should also contact your insurance agent. Your insurance agent will be able to provide you with helpful advice. Youíll want the other driversí insurance information and phone number. You should also take pictures of all the cars involved. Make sure you capture all the damage. This evidence will be used later.

Car accidents can cause serious injuries. Victims of car accidents can sustain broken bones, become paralyzed, and sustain internal bleeding. These injuries are more obvious, but there are also less obvious wounds. There is emotional trauma. Car accidents are incredibly traumatizing experiences. Victims of car accidents may experience difficulty driving after car accidents.

Many victims experience whiplash. Whiplash is also known as a neck sprain. It is a painful injury to the neck. Whiplash is caused by an abrupt backward or forward jerking motion of the head. You may not experience any symptoms of whiplash until 24 hours after the incident. You may experience neck pain and stiffness, headaches, low back pain, dizziness, numbness in the arms, and difficulty concentrating. Whiplash can be diagnosed by a CT scan or a MRI.

Car accidents can be quite costly. Injuries from a car accident may prevent you from attending work. This means loss of wages. Doctor bills and checkups are also very expensive. Car repair bills can also be quite costly. Insurance may cover some of these costs, but victims of car accidents often are saddled with huge bills. This is when a Laguna Woods car accident lawyer can help you.

Car accident lawyers can help you seek maximum damages for your losses, and there are absolutely no charges until your cost is won. The lawyer will also receive a fee if your case is won. If you are in an accident, do not hesitate to contact The Law Offices of Dara Khajavi. Our lawyers have won countless cases.