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Classic Southern California weather, warm residents, and a unique community draw hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Orange County neighborhood of Laguna Beach each year. It is a beach town that was recently popularized by the reality show titled Laguna Beach and sees a high amount of traffic during the annual summer festival Pageant of the Masters.

Held by the Festival of the Arts, the Pageant of the Masters has been a Laguna Beach annual tradition since 1933 (with the exception of four years during WWII.) All summer long, thousands get to experience the tableaux vivants or “living pictures.” Volunteers reenact a few paintings of the masters down to finest of details on stage during the art show. Roy Ropp with the assistance of his wife worked tirelessly during the earliest productions to deliver the high quality show standard that people expect today. Today, Ropp is remembered as the “Father of the Pageant.”

Although the city does its best to reduce congestion and improve road safety, Laguna Beach car accidents do happen. Compared to the California average per 100,000 people, the beach city saw slightly more accidents over a 10-year period (11.6 average yearly fatal car accidents in Laguna Beach, compared to 9.96 average yearly fatal car accidents in Laguna Beach.)

Most automobile traffic runs through 1 South Coast Highway or PCH, which is met by the 133 Laguna Canyon Road. Along PCH, travelers can get a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean and on both sides of the road see beautiful homes and boutique shops. Traveling down PCH during sunsets is pleasant but it is better to park in a designated location and walk over to the beach to watch as the sunlight takes over the skies of the Pacific, its coast and the Catalina Islands.

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If you decide to travel Laguna’s coast via boat, make sure to get familiar with the nautical laws and remember to be aware of your surroundings. Boat rentals are available throughout Orange County’s beach cities if you are visiting and can be a fun way to explore the coast. Remember to follow the laws of the ocean and try not to get into a wreck.

Boating accident, depending on their severity, have an additional element of danger when compared to automobile accidents – water. Depending on the conditions of the water, the situation can get much worse for you if you are thrown overboard. You will have to fight for air and if the water is cold, you will have to fight to stay war. This is why it is essential that when you travel via boat, you and your passengers wear approved personal floatation devices (PFD). If you are thrown overboard in a boat wreck, a PFD helps prevent exhaustion and fatigue that is caused by swimming to keep your head above water.

Most boating accidents occur during warm weather festivities and holidays, such as 4th of July, Memorial Day Weekend and Spring Break. Sometimes the captain of the boat is intoxicated and may fail to see another vessel, which can result in a Laguna Beach Boat accident. You can contact us by clicking here, calling (877)782-3777 or sending us an email at if you were in a California Pacific Coast Boating accident.

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