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La Palma is a beautiful city in Northern Orange County, California. The city’s motto is “Where Tradition and Vision Come Together.” It is actually the smallest city in Orange County. La Palma is bordered by Cerritos to the north and west. Cypress borders La Palma on the south and west. Buena Park is to the east of La Palma.

La Palma values Vision, Family, Pride and Ownership, Opportunity, and Security. The city imagines a future that still sustains the positive values of the present. To La Palma residents, family is people united by common values, convictions, and aspirations. La Palma also values pride and ownership. Pride and ownership is caring enough about one’s home to invest in it continually. Opportunity is the chance to prosper according to one’s commitment and ability. Every resident of La Palma has opportunities to prosper. Lastly, La Palma values security. Security is freedom from fear of one’s person or property being violated. The city is constantly working to uphold its vision and all these values.

In 2007 and 2011, Money Magazine listed La Palma as the 16th best place to live among small cities in the United States. According to the 2000 census, there were 15,408 residents in La Palma. In 2010, the population in La Palma was 15, 568.

La Palma was once inhabited by Native Americans belonging to the Tongva people, also known as people of the earth. Spaniards settlers renamed the Native Americans Gabrieleños. The Gabrieleños were the largest group of Native Americans in Southern California. They were also the most developed. This tribe lived off the land. They were hunters and gatherers.

During the late 15th century, Spanish explorers arrived on the California coast. Jose Manuel Nieto, a Spanish solider, was given a large land grant by the Spanish King CarloS III. Nieto named the land grant Rancho Los Nietos. It covered 300,000 acres. La Palma was part of this land grant.

When La Palma was incorporated, it was combined with three other dairy cities in Orange County. The other two cities were Dairy Valley in Cerritos and Dairy City in Cypress. In 1965, the dairies moved east. At this time, the farmers also realized that their land would be more profitable if they developed it. These farmers drafted a new plan that had residential, commercial, and industrial areas. The city was renamed La Palma. The new name was an ode to the city’s Spanish heritage. It was also named after its main street, La Palma Avenue.

Car Accident and Driving Information:

La Palma has a very low fatal accident rate. From 2007-2009, there were no fatal accidents. Between the years 1992 and 2009, La Palma’s fatal accident rate was consistently below the California average except for five years. La Palma is very lucky that it has such a low fatality rate. However, do not let this low fatality rate lure you into a false sense of security. Fatal accidents rate can easily change. Car accidents can happen to anyone. Even the best and most skilled drivers are not safe from accidents. There are irresponsible drivers in every city. Furthermore, this rate does not include non-fatal accidents. Even car accidents that are nonfatal are incredibly traumatizing and can result in life-long injuries.

Many factors contribute to car accidents. Important factors are traffic and freeways. Busier streets and freeways tend to be more prone to traffic. There is only one freeway that passes through La Palma, State Route 91. Additional neighboring freeways La Palma residents use include the 605 and 5.

State Route 91 is a major east-west freeway in southern California. It runs from Gardena to Riverside. It is a very congested freeway. During rush hour, there is significant traffic on this freeway. State Route 91 is the only freeway that passes through La Palma. The 91 also connects with the 605 and the 5. There have been many accidents on the 91.

Interstate 605 is a major north-south Interstate Highway in southern California. The majority of this freeway is located in Los Angeles. It is a heavily congested freeway that connects to many other major freeways such as the 405, 105, and the 5.

Interstate 5 is the main highway on the West Coast of the United States. It connects some of the largest cities on the West coast including Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Portland, and Sacramento. This freeway is one of the most congested freeways in the nation. This freeway is notorious for its traffic during rush hour.

One of the simplest ways to protect yourself from car accidents is to make sure your vehicle is safe. It is important to change your engine oil and monitor tire pressure. Engines running on used oil can be extremely vulnerable to engine fires and mechanical failures. Pay attention to the recommended mileage for the oil in your engine. A trip to the mechanic will fix your oil problems. Tire pressure in vehicles is very important. Tire pressure affects vehicle performance. It affects acceleration, braking, and fuel use. If it is at the wrong level, your vehicle will have difficultly maneuvering, and your tires will be more susceptible to blow outs. It is important to keep your tire pressure at the right level. If it is too high, your vehicle will be difficult to maneuver. When the tire pressure level is too long, it can increase friction and resistance, which will wear down your tires more quickly.

Car accidents are horrible. Every individual involved is traumatized. Car accidents can also harm innocent bystanders like pedestrians and cyclists. If you were a victim of a car accident, you probably experienced emotional trauma, physical trauma, and expensive bills. Thankfully, there are legal resources available to help you seek damages. A car accident lawyer can help you seek damages for emotional loss, loss of income, expensive medical bills, and much more.

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