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Irvine is a suburban city in Orange County. Its motto is “The City of Innovation.” In 2008, listed Irvine as the fourth best place to live in the United States. Businessweek, in 2011, listed Irvine as the fifth best city in the U.S. In June 2010, the Federal Bureau of Investigation stated that Irvine had the lowest violent crime rate among cities with a population of more 100,000.

Irvine was first inhabited by the Native Americans. The Spaniards called these tribes, Gabrielino. In 1769, a Spanish explorer, Gaspar de Portolà, arrived in Southern California. After his arrival, more Spaniards arrived bringing missions and cattle. Southern California remained under Spanish rule until 1821.

In 1821, Mexico won independence from Spain. The Mexican government secularized the mission and seized the lands. Land was given to Mexican citizens. Modern day Irvine was made up of three large grants: Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana, Rancho San Joaquin, and Rancho Lomas de Santiago.

The owner of Rancho San Joaquin sold 50,000 acres to Benjamin and Thomas Flint, Llewellyn Bixby, and James Irvine. In 1866, these men also acquired 47,000 acres of Rancho Lomas de Santiago. In 1868, they acquired part of Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana.

James Irvine acquired his partner’s land in 1878. In total, James Irvine had 110,000 acres. In 1886, James Irvine passed, and his son James Irvine Jr. inherited the ranch. James Irvine Jr. incorporated it into The Irvine Company. He also turned the cattle land into prosperous crops, which include olive and citrus crops. During World War I, agriculture flourished at the Irvine ranch. By 1918, 60,000 acres of lima beans were being grown on Irvine Ranch. During World War II, two Marine Corps air facilities were built on Irvine Ranch land. James Irvine Jr. died in 1847. Myford, his son, became president of the company. Myford began developing sections of the ranch. In 1959, Myford died. This same year, University of California asked The Irvine Company for 1,000 acres of a new company. Eventually, the University of California purchased 1,500 acres in total.

Late December, in 1971, the residents of the area voted to be incorporated. The city quickly grew and flourished. In 1999, Irvine grew to a population of 134,000. The city had a total area of 43 square miles. People continue to move to Irvine. Businesses have also developed in the Irvine area. Irvine has become a community with top notch transportation programs, an enterprising business environment, excellent educational institutions, and so much more.

Irvine residents are very susceptible to car accidents because Irvine is such a populated city. Many people commute to Irvine for work. There are also many attractions, shopping areas, and unique locations in Irvine. This attracts tourists, which increases traffic. There are 5 freeways that pass through or are on the borders of Irvine: 5, 405, 73, 261, and 55. The 5, 55, and the 405 are all very congested freeways. The 73 and 261 are toll road. Irvine also has many very busy streets such as Jamboree Road, Culver Drive, Main Street, University Drive, Trabuco Road, Barranca Parkway.

In 2009, there were 14 fatal accidents reported. 22 vehicles were involved in these accidents. 4 of the accidents were caused by drunken drivers. There were a total of 15 fatalities. 31 people were affected by these accidents, and 3 pedestrians were involved. 4 of these accidents happened on or near the 405 freeway. One accident occurred on the 73, and two occurred on the 5. Two fatal accidents occurred on the 261. One accident occurred on Main Street, and another accident happened on Trabucco Road. These sad statistics do not even include nonfatal accidents.

Interstate 5 is the most commonly used freeway in Irvine. It is the main highway on the West Coast. This freeway runs parallel to the Pacific Ocean, and it serves some of the largest cities including, Seattle Portland, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Diego. The 5 is also one of the most congested freeways in the nation.

The Interstate 405 is another important freeway in Irvine. It is a north-south interstate highway in Southern California. This is also a very congested freeway. Many commuters and freight haulers use this freeway. A running joke is that the name “405” comes from the fact that drivers usually only drive “4” or “5” miles on this freeway.

Interstate 55 is another important freeway to Irvine. It is a North-south Interstate freeway. This freeway runs from the Pacific Coast Highway to the Riverside Freeway, 91. It also intersects the 22, 73, 405, and 5. This is a very congested Orange County freeway. Many Inland Orange County and Inland Empire residents use this freeway to commute to work.

State Route 73 and state Route 261 are toll roads. These toll roads were created to help alleviate traffic. They can be dangerous roads to drive on because motorists tend to drive faster on these roads.

Car accidents are incredibly traumatic. They often involve hospital visits and expensive trips to mechanic. Insurance will cover some of the damage, but car accidents can still result in expensive medical and car repair bills. The monetary loss does not begin to cover the emotional trauma caused by a car accident. Car accidents are victimizing. Families of victims are also affected. The damage caused by a car accident is endless. When fatalities are involved, the damage intensifies. A car accident lawyer can help you seek damages for any losses you may have experienced. Seeking damages may seem unnecessary, but it will help you move your life forward.

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