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Garden Grove is a diverse city located in Northern Orange County. In 2000, there were 165,196 residents. According to the census, in 2010, the population was 170,883. It has the second largest Vietnamese American population in the United States.

Gaspar de Portola led the Spaniards in discovering the Orange County area. The soldiers named the Santa Ana Valley and divided it into ranchos. Mexico gained independence from Spain in 1822. At the end of the Mexican American war, California became territory of the United States. In 1850, California became the 31st state in the union.

Abel Stearns bought much of the Orange County area and sold out portions. Alonzo Cook purchased 160 acres of the land, in 1874. Cook is known as the founding father of Garden Grove. He donated much of the land that Garden Grove was developed on. The name, Garden Grove, was actually his idea.

In 1889, Garden Grove only had a population of about 200. It was a quaint farming community, and Garden Grove continued to be a farming community until about 1905. In 105, the Pacific Electric Railroad began coming through Garden Grove. The railroad stimulated a boom in Garden Grove. There were more tourists, which eventually led to more settlers.

Garden Grove continued to be an agricultural community for the next 40 years. It experienced two natural disasters. In 1916, Garden Grove was flooded after experiencing heavy rains. Then, in 1933, an earthquake damaged much of Garden Grove.

After World War II, Garden Grove experienced another population explosion. During the war, many servicemen trained in the Orange County area. These same servicemen returned to Garden Grove after the war bringing families. The available land at low prices made Garden Grove a very popular city. Slowly Garden Grove became less of an agricultural community and more of a modern city.

Garden Grove was formally incorporated on June 18, 1956. In 1960, the population was approximately 44,000. The population has grown immensely and quickly. The city is full of different cultures and exciting activities.

The beautiful Crystal Cathedral is located in Garden Grove. It was designed by American architect by Phillip Johnson. The cathedral can seat approximately 2,700 people. It was founded by Robert h. Schuller. In 2011, the Crystal cathedral was bought by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange. In addition to being a place of worship, the Crystal Cathedral is a beautifully designed building.

Garden Grove has a major freeway, the 22, running through it. The State Route 22, also known as the Garden Grove freeway, passes through Garden Grove from east to west. The 22 was opened in 1967. For many years, the Garden Grove Freeway was never widened. This eventually resulted in very severe rush hour traffic. Santa Ana’s population dramatically increased in the 1990s, which contributed to this severe rush hour traffic. The Orange County Traffic Authority, in late 2004, began a widening project for the freeway. The project added a carpool lane. It also reconfigured and upgraded the on and off ramps. The project was finished in 2007. Other freeways that meet the Garden Grove freeway are the 405, 605, 5, 57, and the 55.

The Interstate 5 and the Interstate 405 are located near Garden Grove. Both of these freeways are very important freeways for the Orange County area. These freeways also are famous for congestion during rush hour. The Interstate 5 runs parallel to the Pacific Ocean, and it is the main interstate Highway no the west coast of the United States. It links many of the big cities such as San Diego, Santa Ana, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Oregon, and Washington. Interstate 405 is a major north-south interstate highway in Southern California. It end points are in Los Angeles and San Diego. The freeway also runs through Orange County.

405 and 5

Garden Grove has a high fatality crash rate. In 2009, there were 12 fatal accidents. Five of these accidents were caused by drunk drivers. There were a total of 12 fatalities, and 26 people involved in the accident. Four pedestrians were also affected. These statistics do not include non-fatal accidents. The actual number of car accidents is much higher. Seven of these accidents occurred on or near the 22 freeway. In 2008, there were 13 fatal accidents. Six were caused by drunk drivers. There were 14 fatalities, and 48 people were involved in these accidents. Five pedestrians were involved. Seven of these accidents occurred on or near the 22 freeway. In 2008 and 2009, Garden Grove’s fatal accident rate has been higher than California’s average rate. The Garden Grove freeway is a significant contributor to the high number of fatalities. In 2008 and 2009, the number of fatal accidents caused by drunken drivers in Garden Grove was also higher than the California average. These are very serious statistics. Garden Grove has a high number of deaths. Furthermore, these statistics do not cover the damage of non-fatal accidents. Non-fatal accidents can also cause life-long injuries and serious damage too.

Residents of Garden Grove are more susceptible to car accidents because of the close proximity of the 22 freeway. Car accidents are incredibly traumatic experiences. Even the best and most cautious drivers can instantly become victim to a car accident. Car accidents result in expensive car repair and medical bills. Insurance can help you compensate for some of the damages, but a car accident lawyer will be able to better help you seek damages. A car accident lawyer will guide you through each step of the legal proceedings and develop a strong case for you.

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