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Fullerton is located in northern Orange County. In 2010, according to the U. S. Census, Fullerton’s population was 135,161. The city’s motto is “The Education Community.” Fullerton’s city flower is the Carnation, and its city tree is the Jacaranda.

Fullerton was once inhabited by an American Indian tribe that the Spaniards called Gabrielinos. IN 1769, Gaspar de Portola led an expedition through Southern California. The Fullerton area later became part of Rancho san Juan Cajon de Santa Ana. This range was a land grant given to Juan Pacifico Ontiveros.

Juan Pacifico Ontiveros began selling parts of the Rancho to American settlers. Abel Stearns, who was responsible for developing multiple cities in Orange County, bought the Fullerton area. Stearns sold the land to Domingo Bastanchury.

In 1886, George and Edward Amergie bought 430 acres in the Fullerton area. The brothers had heard that the California Central Railroad, a subsidiary of Sante Fe Railway, was looking for land. The brothers began negotiating with George H. Fullerton, president of Pacific Land and Improvement Company, another Sante Fe subsidiary. In the end, the railroad was given permission to build on the Amerige land if Fullerton’s survey included a proposed town site.

Fullerton would soon experience a boom. In 1880, drilling for petroleum began. Charles Chapman purchased an orange orchard in eastern Fullerton, in 1894. The oranges flourished. Fullerton experienced a boom in orange groves. Walnuts and avocados also flourished in the town. Fullerton was incorporated in 1904. Fullerton College was built in 1913. Many important public work projects constructed during this time.

After World War II, Fullerton experienced a boom in population and development. Many veterans migrated to the area. To accommodate the boom, the California State legislature authorized Orange County State College in 1957. This campus was moved to State college Boulevard. It was eventually renamed as California State University, Fullerton. Because of this institution and other educational institutions, Fullerton’s motto is “Education City.”

Fullerton is a place full of beauty and adventure. The city has many beautiful parks and trails that locals and visitors frequent. The Fullerton Arboretum is also very popular. It is a 26 acre botanical garden with plants from around the world. The Fullerton Arboretum is the largest botanical garden in Orange County. The arboretum is a popular place for tourists and even weddings. Downtown Fullerton is also a popular part of Fullerton. It is full of specialty restaurants, interesting shops, and entertainment venue. At night, Downtown Fullerton is a popular bar hopping location.

In 2009, there were 5 fatal accidents. 9 vehicles were involved these accidents. 3 of these accidents were caused by drunk drivers. There were a total of 8 fatalities, and 19 people were involved in these accidents. In 2008, there were 4 fatal accidents. 8 vehicles were involved in these accidents. There were a total 4 fatalities, and 12 people were involved in the accidents. In these two years, 5 of the accidents occurred on or near one of the three freeways that pass through Fullerton. In 2009, the drunken driving fatal accident rate was higher in Fullerton than the California average rate. These very serious statistics do not cover the complete damage caused by car accidents. The statistics include fatal accident rates. However, non-fatal accidents are also very damaging. Car accidents can cause significant injuries and physical damage.

Fullerton has many contributors to its fatal accident rates. One of the main contributors is California State Route 91. California State Route 91 is a major east-west freeway. It runs from Gardena to Riverside. This freeway can be very congested. It experiences significant traffic at rush hour. The freeway is at the Fullerton-Anaheim border. Accidents are quite frequent on this freeway. The 91 freeway is a major freeway for Fullerton. Fullerton residents can use the 91 freeway to drive out to Southern Orange County, Los Angeles, and the Inland Empire. In 2009, three of the fatal accidents occurred on or near the 91 freeway.

The 5 freeway is another important freeway that passes through Fullerton. It is a major north-south route. It begins at the Mexican border and crosses into Oregon. The freeway is one of the most used north-south routes on the Pacific Coast. It passes through many major California cities like San Diego, Los Angeles, and Sacramento. The 5 freeway is very congested at rush hour. It is an important freeway for Fullerton residents. There have also been many accidents on the freeway.

The third freeway is the State Route 57. It is a north-south highway. It connects the Interstate 5 to the State Route 22. Fullerton residents also use State Route 57 to get to State Route 60. This is a very commonly used freeway for Fullerton residents. In 2009, one of the fatal accidents occurred on the 57 freeway.

Downtown Fullerton is another contributing factor to car accidents in Fullerton. It is a popular entertainment location. People from all over Orange County, Inland Empire, and Los Angeles County frequent Downtown Fullerton. This contributes to drunken driving related crashes. There have been many reports of drunken driving arrests and accidents in the Downtown Fullerton area. Recently, a drunk driver injured two people in a hit and run, in the downtown area.

Car accidents are incredibly traumatic and terrifying experiences. A car accident causes extensive physical and emotional damage. This damage affects not only the victims but also the victims’ families and friends. Insurance can help you recover some of the damages, but a car accident lawyer will help you seek even more damages. A car accident lawyer can even help you seek damages for loss of income or emotional loss.

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