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Cypress is a suburban city located in Northern Orange County. According to the 2000 Census, there were 46,229 residents. In 2010 there were 47,802 residents living in Cypress. Cypress’s mission statement is to sustain and enhance a safe, attractive and quality environment in which to live, work and play. The city is boarded by La Palma, Buena Park, Anaheim, and other large Orange County cities.

Cypress was originally inhabited by the Gabrieleno. Spain seized control of the land. In 1821, Mexico gained its independence and claimed the Cypress area. Eventually, Mexico last the land to the United States.

There was a wave of development in Cypress was during World War II. The United States Naval Air Station was located very close to the city of Cypress. Many Cypress residents worked at the military establishments through Orange County and south Los Angeles. There were also many young men of Cypress who joined the fight. During this time, Cypress developed as a dairy city. There were about 13,000 cows, and it was the third largest dairy district in the nation.

Originally, Cypress was nicknamed “Waterville” because there were many artesian wells. When it was incorporated, Cypress was named Dairy City. At this time, in the 1950s, there were many dairy farmers in the area, but after World War II, this changed. After World War II, dairy farmers began selling off their land to housing developers. By the 1970s, no dairies remained.

In 1957, the name Dairy City was changed to Cypress. The name comes from the Cypress trees in the city. There were many developments around this time. The Los Alamitos Race Track became part of Cypress. Large Housing tracts were built. More schools were built. In 1966, Cypress College opened.

In 1980, Cypress’ population was 40,391. The Cultural Arts Commission was created in 1985. Between 1998 and 2000, Cypress began revitalizing portions of the city. In 2004, City Council remodeled Council Chamber to match federally mandated requirements of the Americans with Disability Act. Civic Center expansion and renovation project in spring 2005. The project created tennis courts, improvements in parking lots, and remodeling to the Civic Center. There was a Cypress had its 50th birthday in 2006. For this special anniversary, Cypress began an Oral History project. This project had interviews of many long-time residents, special sculptures, Summer Concerts, and more.

Cypress’s fatal accident rate is much lower than the California average. In 2008, there was only one fatal accident. There were 3 vehicles involved in this accident. Five people were in the accident, and there was one fatality. In 2009, there was one fatal accident. One pedestrian was involved, and two people were in the accident. There was one fatality. Both of these accidents occurred on busy surface streets of Cypress. Although Cypress has a low car accident fatality rate, its actual car accident rate is much higher. These statistics do not take into account nonfatal accidents. There are also many accidents that are nto reported. In reality, Cypress car accident is probably much higher than these numbers would lead you to believe.

There are multiple factors that may contribute to car accidents in Cypress. Cypress is the location of Cypress Community College. Many students from Cypress and its surrounding cities commute to Cypress. There are also many large corporations located in Cypress. This large influx of commuters definitely contributes to accident rates. Both of the fatal accidents that occurred in 2008 and 2009 occurred on busy surface streets. The accident in 2009 was at the intersection of West Katella Avenue and Golden West Street. In 2008, the accident occurred on Lincoln Avenue and Walker Street. Although surface streets may seem safer, they can be quite dangerous too. On surface streets drivers must also worry about pedestrians and cyclists. Drivers must also worry about other drivers running red lights. The amount of traffic in Cypress also contributes to the dangerous road.

There are also many freeways surrounding Cypress. These freeways do not pass through Cypress, but many of Cypress’ residents must use these freeways to commute to work. One of these freeways is State Route 91. State Route 91 is an east-west highway that runs through Southern California. It is heavily congested during rush hour. There have also been many accidents on this freeway. Cypress residents use the 91 to drive to Inland and South Orange County.

State Route 605 is another important freeway that runs through Cypress. This freeway is a major north-south freeway that runs through Southern California. It is also heavily congested due to commuters. Cypress residents use this freeway to drive to Los Angeles cities.

State Route 22 is another east west freeway that passes through Southern California. During, rush hour it is also heavily congested. Orange County has been able to improve some of the congestion through expanding the freeway.

There were no accidents caused by impaired drivers. However, impaired driving is still a serious issue in Orange County. Every 51 minutes someone dies in the U.S. because of a drunken driving related accident. Drunken driving causes serious damage. Impaired driving is more difficult to track than drunken driving. Orange County is working on developing better tests to test for drugs. The county is also training officers on how to spot drug use symptoms in drivers.

Cypress is lucky that has a low car accident fatality rate, but car accidents can anyone. This low rate could easily change next year. Car accidents are incredibly painful and traumatic experiences. Victims of car accidents often experience extended hospital stays and painful physical therapy. There are also high car repair bills and medical bills. Insurance may be able to cover a small portion of your losses, but a Cypress car accident attorney will help you seek maximum damages for your losses.

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