Buena Park Accident Lawyer

Buena Park is a city in northwestern Orange County, California. In 2010, the population was 80,530. Buena Park’s motto is “Center of the Southland.” The city is also home to several tourist attractions, such as Knott’s Berry Farm. Buena Park is bordered by Fullerton, Anaheim, Cypress, Cerritos, La Palma, and La Mirada. State Route 91 bisects Buena Park, and Interstate 5 also passes through the city.

The Buena Park area was originally settled by Spanish explorers. They took over large land grants and made them into ranchos. Manuel Nieto’s Rancho included modern day Buena Park. In 1834, the large ranch was divided into 5 separate ranchos for his heirs. One of these ranchos, Rancho Los Coyotes, included Buena Park.

Spain lost control of California to Mexico, and Mexico lost control to the United States in 1848. California became a state in 1850. After California became a state, railroads were built throughout California. Abel Stearns acquired Rancho Los Coyotes in the 1870s. In 1885, James A Whitaker purchased 690 acres from Stearns. Whitaker founded the City of Buena Park, in 1877.

Buena Park became a center for dairy. Dairy production thrived in Buena Park. The farmers later sold their land to housing developments, and dairies moved east.

Today, Buena Park is famous for its entertainment institutions. Buena Park is home to the Entertainment Zone. The Entertainment Zone has attractions such as Knott’s Berry Farm, Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament, Knott’s Soak City U.S.A. and Pirates Dinner Adventure.

There are also many beautiful parks in Buena Park. One of the most notable parks is Ralph b. Clark Regional Park. It is one of Orange County’s most prominent parks. The park contains an amphitheater, natural trails, and fishing ponds. There is also a small museum that contains fossil and geology exhibits. Buena Park also has a local history park. In this park, there are several historic buildings. These historic buildings include Whitaker-Jaynes House and the Bacon House.

There was once a Nabisco factory located in Buena Park. It was on Artesia Boulevard. For many years, the Nabisco factory was a Buena Park landmark. Its sign was visible from the 5 freeway. The factory was responsible for producing Honey Maid graham crackers, Ritz Crackers, and Nilla Wafers. In 2006, the factory shut down.

Buena Park residents are highly susceptible to car accidents. Many tourists, unfamiliar with the area, visit Buena Park. Commuters often have to pass through Buena Park to get to work. This increase of motorists can be very dangerous. Thankfully, Buena Park’s fatal car accident rate is less than California’s fatal car accident rate.

In 2008, there were 4 fatal accidents. There were a total of 5 vehicles involved, and there were 4 fatalities. One of these accidents was caused by a drunk driver. A total of 8 people were involved, and 3 pedestrians were involved in the crash. Two of these accidents occurred on Knott Avenue. One accident occurred on Beach Boulevard, and another accident occurred on Stanton Avenue. In 2009, there were 2 fatal accidents. There were 2 fatalities, and 2 vehicles involved in the accidents. 4 people were involved, and one pedestrian was involved. One of the accidents occurred on Valley View Street, and the other accident occurred on Western Avenue.

All of these accidents occurred on busy local streets. Local streets can be quite dangerous to drive on. Motorists must be alert for cyclists, pedestrians, and more. A driver must also worry about drivers making illegal turns or running through lights. If there is an increase of traffic, local streets became even more dangerous. Buena Park has significant traffic on local streets because of the entertainment attractions and commuters.

Freeways and highways can also contribute to high accident rates. Interstate 5 passes through Buena Park, and it is the main Interstate Highway on the West Coast. It runs through some of the largest cities on the West Coast including Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, and San Diego. This highway is notorious for congestion during rush hour. There have been many accidents on this freeway. Thankfully, there were no fatal accidents on this freeway in 2008 and 2009.

California State Route 91 bisects Buena Park. It is a major east west freeway in Southern California. California State Route 91 runs through the Inland Empire, Orange County, and Los Angeles. During rush hour, this freeway is also very congested. Commuters from the Inland Empire and Inland Orange County use this freeway frequently. There have also been multiple accidents on this freeway. However, there were no fatal accidents on this freeway in 2008 and 2009.

Car accidents are incredibly traumatic, and a car accident can happen to anyone. When you are on the road, it is important to remember all road safety rules. Drive at the appropriate speed. Do not drive too slow or too fast. Always signal and check your blind spots before changing lanes. Do not rush red lights. You should leave an appropriate amount of space between you and the car in front. This space will protect you in the case the other car makes any sudden stops. When visibility is low, you must turn on your headlights. Your headlights will help you see, and other drivers on the road will be able to see you.

A car accident is a horrific experience. Car accidents often mean hospital time and painful physical therapy for the people involved. There are also expensive medical bills, hospital bills, and even loss of income. Insurance may cover a portion of these costs, but a car accident lawyer will help you seek maximum damages for your losses.

The Law Offices of Dara Khajavi hopes that you are never involved in a car accident. However, if you ever find yourself in this position, we are fully prepared to handle your case. Our expert Buena Park car accident lawyers have won countless cases. We understand that seeking damages will not instantly heal your trauma, but it will help you move your life forward. Please do not hesitate to call us for a free consultation.