Women Dies in Car Crash

A woman died at the scene of a two vehicle collision in an intersection.

The accident occurred at Whittier Boulevard and Cypress Street, in La Habra. It occurred in the early evening before 6. The collision was of a pickup and a small passenger vehicle

La Habra police and Los Angeles County firefighters reported soon after. The female driver was driving the passenger vehicle. She died at the scene. There were no other injuries reported.

La Habra traffic investigators are investigating the cause of the crash. Lieutenant Jeff Swaim, of La Habra Police, says that currently there is no criminal activity suspected. It is still unclear which vehicle had the right of way.

The current weather conditions and holiday season makes driving very dangerous. Rain and fog significantly decrease visibility. Please do not forget to drive safely and cautiously.

Here are some tips on how to drive safely:

  1. Always leave an appropriate amount of space between the car in front and you. By leaving space between the front car and you, you are giving yourself more time to react to any sudden braking or merging.
  2. Use windshield wipers and headlights. This is a simple tip, but it is very effective. These two tools will increase visibility and make driving much easier.
  3. Focus on driving. Do not text, talk on the phone, eat, or distract yourself when driving. Each of these distractions may only distract you for a few seconds, but a few seconds is all you need to collide into another car.
  4. When it is raining, avoid any puddles and drive in the middle lanes. Puddles are often deeper than they seem. Excess water can affect steering and braking. The middle lanes tend to have less water than the outer lanes.
  5. Do not speed. There are speed limits for a reason. Speed limits protect drivers, pedestrians, and passengers.

It is also important to remember to not drive while under the influence. Without a doubt, alcohol and drugs affect driving. They impair vision and slow down reaction time. One drunk or drugged driver can hurt countless lives. Always have a designated driver or use a taxi if you plan on drinking.

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