VIN 101

VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. It is a unique 17 digit number that every car has, and it is a very important number. This number is used to identify your vehicle. The VIN number is used when you register your car, buy insurance, and when your car is being repaired. If your vehicle is stolen, police use this number to identify your vehicle.

The VIN is easy to locate. It is located on the upper left side of your dash. There should be a badge with 17 numbers on it.  You can also find your VIN on the driver’s side on the doorjamb sticker.

Each VIN is unique. The first three digits are the World Manufacturer Identifier. The first number is the nation of origin of your vehicle. Position two is the vehicle manufacturer. The third position is the vehicle’s type. Positions 4 through 9 are the Vehicle Descriptor Section. These numbers tell you about the car. Information such as the model, body type, and engine code are provided by these numbers. Position 9 is used detect invalid VINs. The last digits make up the Vehicle Identifier Section.  These numbers will indicate model year, the manufacturing plant, and the number given to your car on the assembly line.

The VIN is important for car recalls. If your car model is recalled, you will need the VIN number to find your particular car is affected. To determine if your vehicle is affected, the car manufacturer will ask you for your VIN number.

When you purchase a used vehicle, the VIN number is especially important. Before you purchase a used vehicle, you should look up the vehicle history. With the VIN number, you will be able to find any reports on accidents, structural damage, vehicle usage, recall information, and more. Make sure to get the VIN number from the vehicle. Scam artists may try to sell you a vehicle with a fake VIN.

Used cars can be great investments, but a used car can be very dangerous. Many recalled cars are being sold without repairs. If your research the vehicle history, you will be able to protect yourself from any possible car recalls and past damage. These unrepaired recalled vehicles are very dangerous. There have been many serious accidents caused by unrepaired recalled cars.

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