Two Disneyland Rides Temporarily Closed

The popular Orange County theme park is temporarily closing Space Mountain and two other rides for safety issues.

These two rides received citations from state regulators last week. Disneyland will review its employee safety protocols. After receiving the citations, Disneyland shut down the Matterhorn Bobsleds ride, Space Mountain, and Soarin’ Over California. Disneyland received the citations on Friday and shut down the rides on Saturday. On Sunday, the Matterhorn was reopened. The other rides remain closed.  The closures are voluntary and were done for safety reasons.

Disneyland was cited for violations prior to November 21, 2012. An employee was seriously injured while performing maintenance duties on the Space Mountain attraction. The employee was 68 year old male. He was a machinist, and for unknown reasons an out of commission vehicle on the ride collided into him. The impact caused him back, chest, and head injuries. Anaheim Fire Department personnel responded to the scene and took the employee to the hospital.

Park officials do not know when the rides will reopen. Disneyland could be fined for up to $234,850 for six violations. These violations include improper maintenance of fire extinguishers, safety barriers, and anchors for workers on Space Mountain.  Park officials stress that these violations have nothing to do with the operation of the ride. The park is currently working with California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health to review the violations.

Space Mountain is the primary center of safety concerns, but Disney chose to voluntarily close Soarin’ Over California and the Matterhorn Bobsleds rides. Park officials are currently reviewing the safety protocol on these attractions.

The Department of Occupational Safety and Health has issued $38,860 for worker safety violations at Disney resorts in Anaheim since 2008. The current pending fine would be a record violation fine.

Thankfully, no Disneyland guests were injured on any of these rides. Theme parks are fun and exciting attractions. Unfortunately, the rides can be dangerous if there are any malfunctions are defects. If you see anything wrong on a ride, make sure to alert an employee. You could save a life. While in the park, it is also important to remember to follow all park rules and safety protocol.

If you are ever injured in a theme park, you may want to contact an Anaheim personal injury lawyer. These injuries can be quite extensive and can mean expensive hospital stays. Insurance may cover some of the costs, but a personal injury lawyer can help you seek maximum damages.