Travel Safety Tip

Sun is out. The weather is getting warmer. It’s time for that great vacation you were planning. Maybe you’ll fly to Hawaii or even Fiji. Or maybe you will make a weekend trip to Santa Barbara. Whatever you decide to do it is important to be safe. Here are some tips to keep you safe on your travels.

  • Stranger danger

Strangers are not always kind and benevolent people. A stranger could be a criminal trying to scam you. Be careful of any strangers you meet. Don’t go with them to a new or risky area. Avoid discussing any personal details or travel plans with strangers. They could attack you and rob your hotel room.  Don’t eat any food or drink anything they offer you. Only eat or drink what they give you, if they are also consuming the same thing.

  • Be safe in your hotel

Try to book larger hotels with complicated security. Never assume that the hotel is safe. When you get to the hotel, check your room for all directions and information about emergency situations. These directions could be very helpful in the future. Always keep your hotel door locked. Securely close all your windows before leaving the room. Avoid bringing any strangers into your room. Meet people in the lobby. Do not travel alone at night. If you have to, make sure a friend knows when you will return. Avoid getting alone with anyone in an elevator. This will make you vulnerable.

  • Public transportation

On vacation, public transportation can be your best friend, but it can also be very tricky and dangerous. When you use taxis, make sure that the taxis have official markings. Do not use any unmarked cabs. When you go into a train station, be careful of pick pockets. The crowds at train stations are distracting, which is perfect for a pick pocket. Bus stations and metro stations are also dangerous for the same reason. Keep your wallet close to you in a secure location. This will deter pick pockets.

  • Drive safely

The same driving rules at home apply on vacation. Keep your dogs locked at all times. The local laws may not require you to wear a seat belt, but to be safe, you should wear one anyways. Don’t leave valuables in the car. Park your car in secure, well-lit areas. Don’t pick up any hitchhikers. You never know who you might pick up.


If you are ever injured due to another individual’s negligence, you may want to contact a Newport Beach personal injury lawyer.