Theme Park Safety Tips

Orange County is home to three famous theme parks: Disneyland, Disney California Adventure Park, and Knott’s Berry Farm. These parks are great fun for the whole family. Unfortunately, theme parks can be dangerous too. Theme park visitors are susceptible to dehydration, ride defects, and more. Here are some tips on to have fun and safe trip to a theme park.

•             Stay cool

Summer is coming soon, and this means Orange County is going to heat up. The great weather perfectly complements a day at a theme park. If you decide to go to the theme park on a sunny day, remember to stay cool and hydrated. Heat rashes, sun burns, and heat exhaustion are common injuries for theme park visitors. You should constantly hydrate through the day. Water is the best and healthiest choice. Avoid drinking sugary drinks and alcohol. Alcohol will dehydrate you, and sugary drinks have unnecessary calories. Don’t forget to take breaks from the heat and sun.

•             Do not go into any restricted areas.

Restricted areas are restricted for good reason. These restricted areas are usually restricted for safety reasons. Avoid these areas. If you somehow loose something in a restricted area, ask a staff member. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

•             Know your limits on the rides

Before going on any ride, you should consider the state of your health. If you have certain health issues, you may want to consult your doctor before a theme park visit. Rides can be strenuous and dangerous for certain individuals. Your health condition may make the ride dangerous for you. It is better to safely sit out a ride.

•             Don’t ignore the rules of the ride

Don’t ignore the rules of the ride. These rules have purpose, and they are made to protect passengers.  The ride may seem tame and easy, but looks can be deceiving. There could be a hidden drop or sudden stop that may not be suitable for certain passenger. If the ride has a height minimum, do not try to sneak a child. You could be endangering the child.

Rides can be very dangerous. On a ride, you should always stay seated safely in the car. Properly use all safety harnesses and seat belts. Do not ignore these precautions. They are designed to protect you. Only leave the ride when the ride attendant states that is safe to do so.

  • Report anything wrong

Unfortunately, park rides sometimes break down. If you see anything that seems broken or out of place, report it immediately to an employee.

Orange County is home to some of the greatest theme parks. To make sure you have a great time, follow these safety rules!

If you are ever injured in a theme park, contact an Orange County personal injury attorney.