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How to Handle Getting Pulled Over

It’s a beautiful day, and you’re driving with a friend. All of a sudden, you see in your rear mirror that a police man is pulling you over. This can be a little terrifying. Your heart probably stopped beating for a second. You have never been pulled over. You do not know what to do. Well, now what?

Stay calm. Pull over at the closest safest location. Do not cruise past safe spots. The police officer may think that you are stalling time so that you can stash something illegal. Do not stop in the middle of the road. Pull over to a location that will not put you or the police officer in danger.

Gather all your information. The police officer will want to see your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance. You should have these documents ready.

Stay in your vehicle. Police offers may think you are trying to attack them, if you exit the vehicle. There is no need to get out of the officer. The police officer will come to your vehicle. You should only get out of your vehicle if the officer asks you to get out.

When the officer is speaking to you, you should keep your hands on the steering wheel. Officers are trained to focus on your hands. If you keep your hands out of sight, the officer may think you are hiding a weapon.

Be polite, no matter what. The police officer may be rude, but do not pick a fight. Always answer the questions truthfully. Do not be aggressive. You could be arrested for disorderly conduct or assaulting an officer if you are as seen as overly aggressive.

After the officer has your information, he or she will go back to the cop car to run your information through a database. Stay calm. This may seem like it takes forever, but it really is only a few minutes.

The officer will ask you to sign the ticket. Just sign the ticket. You are not admitting guilt. The signature is just proof that you received the ticket. You can still dispute the ticket in traffic court.

You have survived receiving a ticket. Now, just focus on driving safely and carefully. Do not let the ticket distract you from driving!

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