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A Fast Food Car Chase

Orange County Sheriff’s deputies pursued a high speed chase after a man who passed out in a fast food restaurant drive-through lane.

A 36 year old man passed out, in his car, in a fast food restaurant drive through lane. The restaurant was a McDonald’s located on Beach Boulevard in Stanton, California. Deputies reported to the scene early Saturday morning. The authorities woke the driver and attempted to talk to him. When he woke up, the driver was uncooperative.

To escape, the suspect rammed into an occupied patrol car. The car sustained significant damage for the collision. He drove north on Beach Boulevard turning onto Ball Road. The authorities were able to stop his vehicle near Ball Road and Gilbert Street in Anaheim.

During the case, one of the deputies fired at least one shot at the driver. The suspect was grazed by a bullet, but he was not seriously injured. According to the Sheriff’s Captain, Orange County District Attorney officials are investigating the incident.

Thankfully, no deputies were injured. The driver was injured and taken to a hospital. Authorities had to pull him out of his vehicle. The Anaheim Fire & Rescue treated him after the accident. He was bleeding due to the gunshot grazing, and he had to be taken in a stretcher to the hospital. The driver’s injuries were not severe, and he is expected to survive.

The driver was later released from the hospital and booked into Orange County Central Jail. He is being booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon for intentionally ramming the patrol car.  Authorities believe that the driver passed out because he was intoxicated.

Locals say this area has accidents at least once or twice a week. The street is a busy and popular street. Thankfully, no additional people were hurt. The driver’s car and deputy car was damaged. No other damage to public or private property has been reported.

Luckily, this car chase did not cause any harm to innocent people.  Car accidents are incredibly traumatic. A car accident can cause extensive emotional and physical trauma. Victims of car accidents often experience extended hospital stays and difficult physical therapy. Car accidents can also be quite expensive for victims. The damage can mean expensive car repair bills, loss of income due to time away from work, and much more. Insurance may be able to cover some of these costs, but a Stanton car accident lawyer can help you seek maximum damages.

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