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Wrong Way Driver Causes Fatal Santa Ana Crash

A fatal collision left one dead and three seriously injured.

The collision took place at around 1:40 a.m. early Saturday on West McFadden Avenue near South Mohawk Drive.  A driver driving the wrong way crashed head on into a pickup truck stopped at a red light. The wrong way driver was driving a Nissan Sentra. He died in the accident. Three other individuals were injured in the accident.

Evidence suggests that the Nissan was traveling at high speeds going westbound on McFadden Avenue. There were two male passengers in the Nissan. The driver drifted into the eastbound lanes.  The car collided head on into a dark blue Chevy Silverado.

Orange County Fire Authority firefighters had to extricate all the occupants out of the Nissan. None of the occupants were wearing seatbelts at the time of the accident. The Nissan driver died at the scene of the accident. His front passenger was taken to Western medical Center. This passenger initially had critical injuries but is now conscious and coherent. The rear passenger was taken to UCI medical center in critical condition. The pickup truck driver was a 48 year old woman. She was taken to UCI Medical Center in serious condition.

The exact cause of the accident is under investigation, but alcohol may have contributed to the accident. Police found open containers of alcohol in the Nissan Sentra. He has been identified as 30 year old Andres Lopez. The other names of the victims have not been released.

This unfortunate accident seriously injured all the people involved. These victims may have a long and difficult recovery. They may have to go through extensive physical therapy and excruciating pain. The recovery process can also be quite expensive. Insurance companies can help to cover some of these costs, but a Santa Ana car accident lawyer can help you seek maximum damages for your losses.

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Fatal Accident in Santa Ana

A fatal Santa Ana car accident killed a young girl and seriously injured a young boy.

The fatal accident took place on North Bristol near West 10th Street. A group of seven children and an adult were crossing the street at around 8:45 p.m. Wednesday. The group was walking from the west to east side. A vehicle, traveling northbound, struck the group of children. The drivers remained at the scene and cooperated with the officers.

Police believe that the young girl, an 11 year old, was thrown into an adjacent lane by the impact of the collision. She was then struck by a second vehicle.  The other victim, an 8 year old boy, may have been struck by the sides of both vehicles. After the impact, the girl was not breathing. There was also no pulse when paramedics treated her at the scene.  Firefighters also reported to the scene. The firefighter performed CPR on the little girl and then transported her to the hospital.

Both victims were taken to UCI Medical Center in Orange. The little girl was pronounced dead at the hospital. The little boy is still in critical condition. The two victims were brother and sister. It is unclear what the victims’ relationship was to the other members of the group.

The group was not walking in a marked crosswalk. There was no designated walking area in that area. Investigators are still trying to determine if the pedestrian or the vehicles had right of way. Police do not believe that drugs or alcohol was a factor in this collision. No arrests have been made. The investigation is still ongoing.

This is a very unfortunate accident. The victims were young and innocent. This is an example of the dangers of jaywalking. The group was attempting to cross at night. They probably were not very visible. If they had crossed in a designated cross walk, this collision may never have happened.

Jaywalking is very dangerous. Every time you jaywalk, you are risking not only your life, but the lives of other people on the road. The time you save by illegally crossing the street is not worth your safety. Don’t cross the street until unless there is a marked cross walk and wait for your turn.

If you are ever in a car accident, contact a Santa Ana car accident lawyer. Car accidents are often quite traumatic. There are physical and emotional injuries. These injuries can also be quite expensive to take care of. A car accident lawyer can help you seek maximum damages for your losses.

Pedestrian Killed in Santa Ana Pursuit

Police pursuit and an officer involved shooting in Santa Ana left one innocent pedestrian dead.

Santa Ana police officers first approached a group of people in and around two parked cars. The officers believed that there was some sort of criminal activity taking place. A fight broke out between at least one officer and one male suspect.  An officer fired shots and shot one of the male suspects. The suspect was critically injured and taking to a hospital. He was later pronounced dead.

The three remaining male suspects fled the scene in a white Dodge Charger. Officers began pursuing a suspect around 11:45 a.m. It was believed that the suspects were armed. Police began pursuit in the 1000 block of Central Avenue. The pursuit lasted around 20 minutes.

The pursuit continued south and ended near the intersection of MacArthur Boulevard and Flower Street.  The suspects hit and fatally injured a pedestrian. After striking the pedestrian, the suspects got out of the vehicle. The suspects try to escape. One of the suspects was stopped by a police dog. Another suspect was stunned with a taser. The third suspect surrendered to police. All three of these suspects were in custody.

The driver of the vehicle has been charged with murder for driving the vehicle that hit and killed a pedestrian. The victim was a male in his late 40s or early 50s. He died at the scene from his injuries. His family is being notified of his death.

Unfortunately, reckless drivers like this suspect endanger other individual’s on the road. If you spot a reckless driver on the road, do not try to confront the reckless driver. Pull over when it is safe to do so. If you can, try to note the reckless driver’s license plate and the model of the car. Report this information and the location of the driver to the emergency authorities.

Car accidents are often quite serious. Survivors often suffer serious injuries. As a survivor, you may face time away from work and expensive car repair bills. These obstacles will hurt your already difficult recovery process. Insurance may be able to help you with some of the expenses, but an experience Santa Ana car accident lawyer can guide you through all the difficult legal proceedings.

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