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Multiple Cars Hit and then Kill Pedestrian

A pedestrian was killed after he was struck by at least two vehicles.

The man was struck early Friday morning on Alicia Parkway in Mission Viejo. Two drivers hit the man, and both of these drivers stopped. Authorities believe there may have been one or two more vehicles that hit the victim but did not stop.

This horrific crash occurred at about 6:30 a.m. along the eastbound lanes of the street near Coronel drive. It is believed that the rain, slick road, and darkness may have contributed to the accident. Investigators will be also investigating the possibility that the man was not walking in the crosswalk and walking against a red light.

The first driver believes that he heard the man being struck by one or two more vehicles that proceeded to drive off. Another driver ran over the man when he was lying on the floor, but he did not flee the scene.

Locals said that this area can be a dangerous area for pedestrians and motorists. Many locals stated that cars often run red lights on this street. One local said that there is blind spot near the crash location.

Investigators from the Major Accident Reconstruction Team are investigating the crash. Sheriff officials are also asking for any additional information. No arrests or citations have been made thus far.

In wet and dark driving conditions, it is important for drivers to have their headlights on. Drivers should remember to drive slowly and carefully. Windshield wipers are also very important for improving visibility. Accidents like these can happen to anyone. Everyone on the road must be careful and aware of not only other drivers but also pedestrians.

This is a very sad accident. Thankfully, two of the drivers were responsible upright citizens. Hopefully, investigators and authorities will be able to piece together the cause of the accident. This victim has not been identified, and his family has not been notified yet.

If you were the victim of a car accident, the trauma can be quite extensive. You may experience long hospital stays and difficult physical therapy. Car repair bills and medical bills can really rack up to very high amounts. There is also loss of income from missing work. Insurance may be able to cover a portion of these costs, but a car accident lawyer will help you seek maximum damages for you losses.

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