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Bizarre Collision in Lake Forest

Women was struck by a vehicle and sent to the hospital in a bizarre chain of events following a solo car crash.

The initial solo crash took place last Thursday morning on the 11th. A black SUV was driving down southbound on Cañada drive. The driver was attempting to make a left hand turn onto eastbound Lake Forest. Unfortunately, the driver lost control of the vehicle partially due to the wet street. The driver drove up on the street and collided into a tree.

There was a vehicle headed westbound on Lake Forest drive. The occupants of this vehicle observed the crash and stopped the vehicle. The driver stopped the vehicle in the fast lane rather than pulling over to the shoulder. A female passenger ran out of the vehicle to assist the driver in the single crash. She ran across the median without looking for any vehicles. Unfortunately, a third vehicle was unable to stop in time and struck the female. The third vehicle was driving 50 mph. After the vehicle struck her, she was thrown up in to the air and landed in the sidewalk and gutter. Her leg was partially severed below the knee from this crash.

The woman was bleeding profusely from her injuries. Luckily, there were witnesses at the scene that were able to help and minimize bleeding. She was drifting in and out of consciousness while she waited for emergency professionals. Paramedics reported to the scene.  She was taken to Mission Hospital, and she had to undergo surgery. She is expected to make a full recovery.

The driver of in the single car crash sustained minor injuries. In a bizarre twist, the driver of the second vehicle was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving. The driver of the second vehicle is the husband of the woman who was injured. While the woman waited for paramedics, the driver yelled at the driver who struck his wife.

There is currently an ongoing investigation into the first and secondary collision. Thankfully, more people were not seriously injured. This bizarre sequence of events could have resulted in many more injuries.

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