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Electrician Dies in Huntington Beach Fire

Brandon Orozco died Monday in a horrific accident in an underground vault in Huntington Harbour.

Orozco was part of a five member crew conducting scheduled maintenance. A fire broke out at around 12:15 in the underground electrical vault. The underground electrical vault is located in the 16200 block of Tisbury Circle near Mistral Drive. It is located on Humboldt Island.

The fire broke out when electricity suddenly began flowing through the fault. Orozco was the only member of the crew in the fault at the time. There were no other injuries reported.

Orozco’s body was removed from the vault at around 5:15 p.m. on Monday. When firefighters arrive to the scene, there was heavy smoke coming from the vault. It took the Huntington Beach and Anaheim fire departments five hours to enter the vault and retrieve Orozco’s body. After the fire was put out, the rescue workers had to wait for Edison to cut off power before entering the vault. Rescue workers had to test the vault air samples to make sure there were no more explosives in the area. The body was then transported to the Orange County coroner’s office.

The crew was from CAM Contractors Inc., a Southern California Edison subcontractor. The crew was contracted to work in the vault during a scheduled five-hour power outage. This is when the fire started. 350 customers were without power until 7 a.m. Tuesday.

Branzon Orozco was a union lineman for about three years. He worked for various electrical contractors. Orzoco had only been with CAM Contractors Inc., for about two months. His death was the first for CAM Contractors Inc.

Orozco is survived by his family. The Orozcos will have a viewing from 5 to 6 p.m. and a rosemary prayer service from 6 to 7 p.m. on Sunday at Rose Hills Memorial park in Whittier. On Monday morning, there will be a mass held at St. Andrew’s Catholic Church in Pasadena. The burial will be at Rose Hills on Tuesday. Residents affected by the power outage are collecting donations to help the Orozco family pay for funeral costs. If you are interested in donating, contact Michelle Abawi at (951)551-3441.

The cause of accident is still being investigated. Huntington Beach Fire Department investigators, Cal-OSHA, Edison, and CAM Contractors Inc. are working together to discover the cause of the fire.

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Two Separate Fatal Huntington Beach Accidents

A woman died in a fatal accident involving a tractor trailer, and a 75 year old man died in a another fatal car accident.

The driver of a tractor-trailer fatally struck a woman pedestrian in Huntington Beach. The accident took place around 1:55 p.m. at Warner Avenue and Springdale Street. Witnesses said that the driver did not stop. The driver was later located by the police. He was found a short distance away. The driver has not been identified. He was driving a delivery truck.

It is not clear who had right of way at the time of the accident. Investigators are also unsure whether the driver knew about the accident. Reports state that the circumstances of the accident were unusual. More details about the accident have not been released because of the investigation.

The female pedestrian was found dead at the scene of the accident. She had not been identified as of yesterday evening. Her identification has not yet been released. No one else was injured in this accident.

The scene of the accident is a busy intersection. It does have a signal. Police have not announced whether the woman was crossing the street when she was hit.

On Monday, Ruben Cecilio, 75, was in a fatal accident. He is a Huntington Beach resident. Cecilio was involved in an accident when he collided with another car at Garfield Avenue and Brookhurst Street in Huntington Beach. The accident took place on Monday at around 1 p.m. At least two other vehicles were involved in the crash.

He was taken to UCI Medical Center. Cecilio later died from his injuries on Tuesday at 3:25 a.m. The Huntington Beach Police Department is currently investigating the accident.  More details about the crash have not been released.

Car accidents can be quite severe and often fatal. Survivors of car accidents often sustain serious long term injuries. If you have sustained a serious injury from a car accident, you should contact a Huntington Beach car accident lawyer. Negotiating with insurance companies and the other drivers can be difficult. A Huntington Beach car accident lawyer can help you negotiate.

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Huntington Beach Detox Facility Shut Down

West Coast Detox Services has been shut down.

In April 2012, a man was found dead at the detox center. The cause of death is still unknown, but state investigators have found serious misconduct in the detox center. Allegations include rehab patients receiving highly-regulated drugs without prescription. The victim was allegedly one of the patients who received drugs without prescriptions. West Coast Detox has surrendered its license and shut down.

The victim was Jason Redmer, 28. He was found dead in the West Coast Detox and Treatment Center on a Monday morning. This center is located in a single-family home on Yale Circle in Huntington Beach. The center is located near an elementary school. Next to the center there is a sober living home.

The center is licensed to operate through 2013. It detoxifies addicts before sending them to treatment facilities. Neighbors have complained about the facility since it opened in 2011. Police reports include complaints of spotty supervision and drug paraphernalia. Before Jason Redmer’s death, Residents have demanded the center be shut down. Upset residents listed their complaints at a Huntington Beach City Council meeting a month before Redmer’s death. City officials were not able to shut down the center.

The center was created after Don Ramsey, the founder, lost an acquaintance due to addiction. Ramsey has stated that he has taken all the necessary steps to keep the addicts clean. He had even installed surveillance cameras. Patients were also subject to drug tests.  According to Ramsey, the drug paraphernalia discovered by neighbors belong to a patient. The patient had thrown it over a fence because he was afraid of being kicked out of the program.

West Coast Detox will give up its license by September 15. This decision was made due to an agreement with the Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs. There have been no other confirmed deaths or sickness since Redmer’s death.

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Fatal Motorcycle Accident Kills Huntington Beach Resident

A man driving a Toyota Sequoia collided into two motorcyclists.

The collision took place at around 8:43 p.m. Friday in Long Beach at 2nd Street and Glendora Avenue. Both the victims, Joseph Daroza and Taryn Hawk, were from Huntington Beach. They were both riding Harley Davidson motorcycles east on 2nd street. At the time of the collision, they were attempting to cross Glendora Street on a green light. The driver of the Toyota Sequoia, Nicholas Limer, attempted to make an unsafe left turn onto Glendora Avenue. He made the turn right in front of the motorcyclist and caused the collision.

Daroza was taken to the hospital. He was seriously injured but was in stable condition. He was later released on Sunday. Hawk died at the scene of the accident from head injuries. The two victims were out cruising after leaving the Agenda Trade Show at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Both of the victims worked for Sole Technology. Sole Technology is a Lake Forest based athletic shoe and clothing company. This company had three booths at the Agenda Trade Show. The two victims were there working and promoting the company. Sole Technology has released a statement about the accident.

Taryn Hawk’s coworkers remember him as a positive and outgoing person. He volunteered every year to work at Sole Technology’s Christmas event for children. Hawk also regularly donated to charities. He was a mentor for the company. Taryn Hawk enjoyed surfing at sunrise and living his life to the fullest. A memorial will be held for Hawk this Thursday at Olde World Village in Huntington Beach.

No arrests have been made yet. The Long Beach Police Department is planning to present the case to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. Nicholas Limer may be charged. The exact charges are still unknown.

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Huntington Beach Responds to Increase of Motorcycle Accidents

Huntington Beach Police respond to the recent increase in motorcycle accidents by creating a safety program.

With the help from a state grant, the Huntington Beach Police will launch a specialized enforcement detail. The detail will target both unsafe drivers and riders. Unsafe drivers put motorcyclists at risk, and unsafe riders increase risk of accident for other motorists on the road.

The state office of Traffic and Safety will be assisting in this program by providing a grant. The grant will pay for the Huntington Beach Police Department’s Motorcycle Safety Enforcement Operation. This program will put six extra officers in the field in areas motorcyclists frequently ride. These areas include Pacific coast Highway and beach Boulevard.

The grant is a little more than $90,000. It will cover this program and certain specialized enforcement. Specialized enforcement efforts include more DUI checkpoints and distracted driving enforcement. Police will not only be targeting motorcyclists, but also reckless drivers who endanger motorcyclists.

Police will have to use their own experience to determine the best places to patrol. Motorcycle accidents can happen anywhere. Police will be targeting places in Huntington Beach that have a high volume of motorcycles.

Enforcement will specifically be looking for drivers who speed, perform unsafe turns, and drivers under the influence. These particularly reckless driving acts are the three most common causes of accidents involving motorcycles. Speeding drivers have difficult avoiding motorcyclists. A driver performing an unsafe turn puts motorcyclists in danger. Drivers under the influence have slower reactions time.  Police hope this new enforcement program will make drivers and motorcyclists more responsible.

Since November, there have been four motorcycle fatalities in Huntington Beach. The most recent was an unfortunate story of a newly engaged couple. 25 year old Kelly Blue Morehouse was killed in a motorcycle accident. She was riding on the back of her boyfriend’s motorcycle. The collision took place on June 1. They were riding on Goldenwest Street when they were hit by a suspected drunken driver. The drunken driver was traveling in the opposite direction. A 42 year old man was killed on March 24 at Springdale Street and McFadden Avenue. A 66 year old man died in a motorcycle accident on March 5 on Bolsa Chica Street and Pierce Drive. Lastly, singer of a death-metal band, Mitchell Lucker, crashed his Harley Davidson into a pole on November 1.

Motorcyclists are incredibly vulnerable to car accidents. They have little protection to minimize injuries. It is important for drivers and motorcyclists to drive cautiously. If you are ever in a car accident, do not hesitate to contact a Huntington Beach car accident attorney.



Huntington Beach High Graduate Fights Drunk Driving

Micayla Vermeeren, a soon to be of Huntington Beach High school, is fighting drunk driving.

Vermeeren created a free designated-driving service on Facebook called HB on Call. The 18-year-old senior was inspired to take action by the recent drunk driving incidents in Hunting Beach. Her service is not trying to condone or prevent underage drinking or drug use. The service is meant to be a safe way for people to get home.

The Facebook group has around 180 members. Some of these members are volunteers who give rides to intoxicated individuals. The members are mostly high school students from Huntington Beach Union High School District. There are at least two volunteers from each school in the district. The Facebook originally started at Huntington Beach High School, but it has branched out.

There have already been students that have used the program. Vermeeren expects an increase of calls when all the schools are let out. Vermeeren makes sure that all volunteer drivers are licensed and have nod riving restrictions. Volunteers are also allowed to bring another sober person with them.

Huntington Beach Assistant Principal Jason Ross was impressed by Vermeeren’s actions.  He supports HB On Call as a precautionary tool. Huntington Beach Police Lt. Mitch O’Brien has also supported the program, but he urges parents to check with insurance companies in case of any issues. He is also stated that high school kids may not be the best volunteers for the program.

After Vermeeren graduates, she will pass on the responsibilities to incoming high school seniors and other underclassmen. She hopes that the program will be kept alive. Ross is planning to assist Vermeeren in working with Huntington Beach’s PTSA to improve the program.

Unfortunately, drunken passengers may be dangerous to drivers. Drunk passengers can be very belligerent and dangerous.  An incredibly intoxicated group of individuals may be a liability for drivers. It is important for any designated driver to be cautious and careful while driving drunken passengers. It is a good idea to have another sober friend along. As the designated driver, you are responsible for the drunken passengers. If one of your passengers is obviously intoxicated, you may get pulled over and be ticketed. It is important to take the responsibility of designated driver very seriously.

If you are ever in a car accident because of a drunken driver, do not hesitate to contact a Huntington Beach car accident lawyer.

Huntington Beach Road Rage on 405

A violent road rage brawl took place on the 405 Freeway Tuesday night.

The road rage brawl was from a commuter of Laguna Beach and a driver of a big rig. It first started on the 605 freeway at approximately 4:30 p.m. The road rage continued onto the 105 freeway and ended on the 405 Freeway at Beach Boulevard. It initially started because the big rig driver threw a glass bottle at the Laguna Beach commuter.

The Laguna Beach commuter, Richard Brun, has been a security guard for 25 years. The glass bottle thrown at Richard Brun blew up on his vehicle. He then proceeded to call 911. A CHP dispatcher told Brun to pull over and wait for police, but he decided to keep following the truck.  Brun stated he wanted to stop the big rig driver from hurting anyone else.

At the 405, Brun got out of his vehicle to confront the truck driver. Both drivers stopped on the shoulder on the southbound 405 at Beach Boulevard. They exchanged words, but things got violent quickly. The truck driver had waved a lead pipe at him and threatened to kill Richard Brun. Brun was able to wrestle the truck driver to the ground. A witness captured the whole incident on his cell phone.

Officers reported to the scene and arrested the truck driver. Brun sustained cuts and bruises but did nto receive any life threatening injuries. He was thankful that the officers were able to report to the scene before the incident became more violent. C

The California Highway Patrol has other reports that validate Richard Brun’s story. The CHP received multiple calls when the whole road rage incident first occurred at around 5 p.m. The truck driver was arrested on assault charges. His metal pipe was taken as evidence.

The big rig driver has been identified as Denny Saavedra. Saavedra was jailed on $25,000 bail. He was booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and throwing an object at a vehicle.

Richard Brun is an experienced security guard. If you encounter road rage on the freeway, you should pull over. Contact the emergency authorities to report the driver, but do not confront the driver. If you choose to confront the driver, you could be putting yourself in serious danger. Brun was lucky that he was able to stop and successfully confront the other driver.

If you are ever in a car accident, do not hesitate to contact a Huntington Beach car accident lawyer.

2 Deaths in Huntington Beach Crashes

Over the weekend, two separate crashes in Huntington Beach left two innocent victims dead.

A motorcyclist and his passenger were struck by a drunk driver on Saturday night, June 1. The crash took place at the intersection of Goldenwest Street and Rio Vista Drive at around 8:30 p.m. This intersection is close to Huntington Beach Central Park. The motorcyclist was riding a black 2012 Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

The suspected drunken driver was a male also from Huntington Beach. He was driving a blue Lexus sedan. The driver was heading northbound on Goldenwest when he collided into the motorcyclist and his passenger.

The driver was later arrested and booked in Huntington Beach. The suspect posted bail and will appear in court. He may be charged with felony drinking and driving. The suspected drunken driver was not injured in the crash.

After the collision, the motorcyclist and passenger were taken to the hospital. The passenger, a 25 year old female from Huntington Beach, died from her injuries. She died three hours after the collision at UCI Medical Center. The motorcycle driver is in stable condition.

Police are still investigating the crash. The exact cause of the crash has not been released. The Huntington Beach police are asking for any witnesses to come forward.

The second fatal car crash took place at the intersection of Yorktown Avenue and Worchester lane on Sunday, June 2. The victim was riding her bicycle. At around 12:08 a.m., the driver of a pickup collided into the victim. He was driving east on Yorktown and struck the victim while she was crossing the street. The driver was driving a white Silverado pickup truck.  He was not intoxicated at the time of the collision.

The victim suffered serious life-threatening injuries. Paramedics treated her injuries at the scene. She was also transported to UCI Medical Center in Orange. She was pronounced dead around 12:55 a.m.  The driver did not sustain any injuries, and he was not arrested or cited.

There is no marked crosswalk for this intersection. Yorktown Avenue usually has a significant amount of traffic. It is also a popular street for cyclists and pedestrians. This intersection is also uncontrolled, and there are no traffic control devices. It is unclear if any of these factors may have contributed to the crash.

These unfortunate crashes left two innocent victims dead. Drivers should be held accountable for their actions. If you are ever in a car accident, contact a Huntington Beach car accident lawyer.