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Nissan and Honda Announce Recalls

Nissan is recalling 123,000 Altimas. Affected vehicles are being recalled because of an issue in the spare tire. The recall only affects 2013 model year Altimas produced before for about a year before March 26. Nissan’s spare tire supplier, Maxxis, had a faulty inflation gauge on an air pump. The air pump was over inflating or under inflating spare tires. Currently, Nissan does not know of any accidents or injuries related to this defect.

This defect has caused some tires to blow out. An increase of temperature can cause the air pressure in the spare tire to rise. This increase of air pressure may result in the tire blowing out in the truck. It may also result in a blowout while the driver is on the road. The problem was discovered when an owner of an affected vehicle brought in their vehicle to a dealership. Nissan was able to trace back the defect back to a malfunctioning pressure regulator and pressure gage. The defective equipment was found in a Canton, Mississippi. The equipment was repaired on March 26. Altimas produced after this date should not be affected by the recall.

Nissan asks that owners of affected cars take their vehicle to a dealership. The spare tire will be inspected and inflated properly. Any damaged spare tires will be replaced. Any repairs related to the defect will be done at no cost for the owners.

In another major recall, Honda is recalling more than 43,700 Honda Fit Sports. These vehicles are being recalled because of an issue with electronic stability control units. In these affected vehicles, the electronic stability control is not working correctly, which may increase the risk of accident. The electronic stability control system in affected Honda Fit Sport was designed to be compatible with Dunlop SP tires. The system is less effective with different tires. It fails to react as quickly to skidding.

The issue is a software problem with the central computer. Honda dealerships will fix the software issues at no cost for owners. Dealerships will begin fixing affected cars on May 17.

These recalls are the second recalls for both car manufacturers. If you are ever a victim of a car defect, do not hesitate to report to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. These complaints often lead to recalls. You should also contact a Santa Ana car accident lawyer.