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Buena Park Hit-And-Run Critically Injures Motorcyclist

An unidentified motorcyclist was critically injured early Tuesday morning during a hit-and-run accident in Buena Park.

The accident took place around 12:20 a.m. at the intersection of Orangethorpe and Knott Avenues. The motorcyclist was heading northbound on Knott Avenue. According to witnesses, a dark colored Chevy Silverado, with tinted windows, ran a red light. It was traveling eastbound on Orangethorpe. Witnesses said that the motorcyclist saw that the truck was not going to stop. The motorcyclist hit the brakes in response. Unfortunately, the sudden braking caused the bike to flip, and the motorcyclist was flung from the motorcycle.

The motorcyclist landed on the floor in the intersection. The rear tire of the pickup ran over the motorcyclist. The driver of the Silverado did not pull over. He fled the scene. Witnesses tempted to record to the license plate, but they were unable to.

The motorcyclist was taken to UCI Medical Center in critical condition. The motorcyclist is expected to survive, but his current condition is not known. Police are currently seeking the driver of the Chevy Silverado. If you have any information, please inform the Police.

Motorcyclists are incredibly vulnerable to accidents and injuries. Motorcycles are not equipped with seat belts or air bags. The lack of seat belts increases motorcyclists’ risk of being ejected from the motorcycle. Air bags are designed to prevent injury and cushion impact, in the case of an accident. A motorcyclist’s only protection is a helmet and some body gear. This is why every motorcyclist must wear a helmet. A helmet can save a motorcyclist’s life.

Protective body gear is also very important. Motorcyclists should invest in brightly colored protective gear. The bright colors make motorcyclists more visible. Motorists are less likely to hit a visible motorcyclist.

If you witness a Hit and Run accident, don’t chase after the driver. It can be dangerous to attempt to chase the driver. You put yourself at risk by chasing the driver. Instead, you should try to capture all the details of the accident. You will need to provide a description of the vehicle. It is also helpful to write down the sequence of events and location of the accident. You should immediately contact the Police and file an accident report. A police officer can help you through the claim process. The report is also important for legal purposes.

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Hit and Run in Irvine

A man was arrested on suspicion of felony assault and driving under the influence.

The suspect, Jerome Bowan, struck several people with his car. This incident took place on Friday night in Irvine. Police received reports of an altercation in the Woodbridge community. The altercation was on West Yale Loop near Stone Creek North at around 10:20 p.m. The accident and altercation happened outside of a house party. Police is unsure if the victims were targeted.

Jerome Bowan was involved in the reported altercation. He then proceeded to get into his vehicle. Bowan drove the car into a group of people near the intersection. Several people were injured in this collision. Three people had to be taken to the hospital. None of the injuries were life-threatening, but there were serious injuries and broken bones.

The three victims were three males. Two of the victims were adults, and the third victim was a juvenile. The most serious injury was a compound fracture to the leg. This injury was sustained by one of the adults. These victims were at the house party near the collision and altercation.

Bowan fled the scene in his vehicle. He was later stopped by Police about a mile away. He was pulled over near Culver Drive and Barranca Parkway. Officers had him take sobriety tests. It was concluded that Bowan was driving under the influence.

He was taken into custody. Police are still investigating whether the crash was intentional or accidental. Investigators are still trying to determine what caused the altercation. If you have any information, contact the Irvine Police.

Thankfully, these victims were not fatally injured. It is also fortunate that Police were able to stop Bowan quickly. There could have been more injuries and damage. Drunken driving is incredibly dangerous. A drunken driver has delayed reaction and impaired vision. Accidents involving drunken drivers are often fatal or quite serious.

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