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Fatal Fullerton Crash

A possible drunken driver died in a police pursuit crash.

The collision took place after 2 a.m. early Wednesday. A taxi driver was driving an alleged intoxicated passenger. He was dropping of the passenger near Wilshire Avenue and Harbor Boulevard.  The passenger got out of the vehicle, and he went to the driver’s side and attacked the driver. The passenger then got into a silver Scion and sped off.

The taxi driver called the police to report the altercation. He followed the Scion driver until officers arrived. Officers attempted to stop the vehicle, but it sped away. The officers engaged in a pursuit that lasted about a minute. About a mile away, the driver lost control. He attempted to make a turn at Ameridge and Roosevelt. He struck a palm tree, a parked car, and a house. The suspect was pronounced at the scene. No one was injured in the accident. The house did sustain some minor damage.

Police were on the scene for at least 5 hours after the accident. Emergency medical professionals tried to resuscitate him, but he did not recover.  Thankfully, no other individuals were injured in this accident.

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8 Vehicle Fatal Fullerton Crash

The fatal collision took place at around 4 p.m. on Thursday at Harbor Boulevard and Valencia Mesa Drive.

One person died in the accident. Five more people were injured. Officers reported to the scene at around 4 p.m. One man was found dead at the scene. Several people had to be taken to hospitals. They were taken to Western Medical Center Santa Ana and UCI Medical Center in Orange.  The accident took place near St. Jude Medical Center. Some victims were taken to St. Jude Medical Center.

Investigators believe the accident may have been caused by the driver of a yellow Ford F-150. The driver was driving on the wrong side of the road on Harbor Boulevard at a high rate of speed. According to witnesses, it seemed like the driver was intentionally driving on the wrong side of the road. The driver plowed into cars waiting at a red light. There were no skid marks or break marks, meaning the driver did not try to stop.

The impact caused the truck to catapult onto other vehicles. The driver died on impact. This collision resulted in a deadly pile up involving seven additional vehicles. Luckily, the collision took place in front of St. Jude Medical Center. Medical emergency professionals were able to report to the scene quickly. Injuries could have been more severe if the collision had taken place further away from the hospital. One crash victim was even able to walk to the emergency room. Witnesses also jumped into action and helped the victims of the crash. The current conditions of the victims are not known.

One of the victims was a paraplegic. None of the survivors sustained life-threatening injuries. Investigation into the collision is still ongoing. It is not clear whether drugs or alcohol were involved in the collision. The area where the crash occurred was closed to traffic for several hours.

The male driver has been identified as Adrian Davis of Brea. He was 57. The collision took place 6 days before his 58th Birthday. An autopsy will be performed on Adrian Davis to see if drugs or alcohol contributed to the accident. Police are looking for more witnesses. Anyone with information should contact the Fullerton Police Department.

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Fullerton Motorcyclist in Fatal Collision

A 22 year old motorcyclist was killed in a fatal motorcycle collision.

The motorcyclist was killed early Saturday morning after he collided into a curb and hit a tree. He was riding at a high speed, which may have contributed to his fatal injuries. The collision took place at around 2:45 a.m. on North State College Boulevard just north of Yorba Linda Boulevard.

Police responded at 2:53 a.m. to the accident. When the Police arrived at the scene, the motorcyclist and his motorcycle were on the sidewalk. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene.  Police are currently investigating the cause of the accident. It has not been determined whether alcohol or drugs contributed to the accident. The motorcyclist’s name has not been released yet pending family notification.

No one else was injured in this single vehicle collision. There have also been no reports of serious property damage. Police are asking any witnesses or anyone with information call the Police.

Motorcycle accidents are often quite severe. The rate of fatal crashes in motorcycle accidents is much higher than the rate of fatal crashes in car accidents. Motorcyclists also have a higher risk of severe injuries. There is a higher risk of injury and accidents because motorcyclists are less protected than car occupants.

In the event of a collision, the car’s structure is designed to absorb most of the force. Motorcyclists have little protective structure. A smart motorcyclist will wear a helmet and additional protective body gear, but this protective gear is little protection against another speeding vehicle.

Protective gear is the only protection motorcyclists have on the road. It is important for every motorcyclist to wear protective gear. The helmet is most important component of a motorcyclist’s protective gear. The helmet needs to be properly fitted and comfortable. Motorcyclists should invest in protective eye gear. Eye gear improves visibility and prevents debris from flying into your eyes. Body gear is also important. A protective jacket and pants can minimize cuts and certain injuries.

It is especially important for motorcyclists to ride carefully. Motorcyclists are often in drivers’ blind spots. While on the road, motorcyclists should pay special attention to reckless and speeding drivers. Motorcyclists are subjective to all the same rules of the road that drivers most follow. It is important that motorcyclists follow these rules for their own safety on the road.

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Fatal Accidents in Fullerton and Anaheim

A female bicyclist was killed in a collision Thursday afternoon, and a man died in a crash on the northbound 5 freeway Wednesday night.

This collision took place in a residential of Fullerton. The bicyclist was bicycling eastbound on Nutwood Avenue. A FedEx truck, making a left turn from northbound Ladera Vista Drive to westbound Nutwood Avenue, struck the bicyclist. Evidence points toward the collision occurring in the middle of the intersection. This area is a residential area.

The bicyclist was pronounced dead at the scene of the collision. Police have yet to release the bicyclist’s name. They are waiting till the bicyclist’s family has been notified of her death.

The driver of the FedEx truck stayed at the scene of the accident. He is fully cooperating with police. No arrests have been made. Authorities are asking any witnesses to come for. Investigators will be examining whether the bicyclist or truck driver had right-of-way. The intersection does not have a marked crosswalk. According to police, it is still too early determine the exact cause of the accident.

A fatal accident took place on the northbound 5 freeway Wednesday night around 11:30 p.m.  A car overturned on the 5 freeway in the left lanes. The driver was trapped inside. Another driver was unable to avoid the over turned car. This driver hit the center divider.

The driver of the overturned car was taken to UCI Medical center in Orange. He was later pronounced dead around 1:30 a.m. Thursday. Authorities are investigating the cause of the original crash. The driver of the second car was taken to a hospital for his injuries.

Police are still investigating the cause of the original crash. They are requesting information from any witnesses or individuals with relevant information.

If you ever witness a car crash, stay calm. Slow down, and you may want to turn on your hazards. Be especially careful, you may unintentionally collide into another vehicle. You should always leave enough space for emergency crews to come in to help the victims. If it is just you, check on the victims. Avoid moving anyone, and call the emergency authorities. If you are qualified to perform CPR, you can perform CPR if necessary. If you’re not a medical professional, you should wait till the professionals arrive. Remember to take mental notes of what you’ve seen. You will need to describe the accident to the police.

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