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Fullerton Police Using DUI Grants

Fullerton Police is putting to use almost $200,000 in grants. These grants are being used for programs for drink driving suppression and sobriety checkpoints.


Since last fall, Fullerton Police has made many strides with this grant money. The department has implemented 35 saturation patrols. During a saturation patrol, officers patrol the downtown Fullerton area looking for potentially drunk drivers. This patrol has been able to arrest an average of one drunken driver per patrol.


These grants have also funded undercover court-sting operations. In these sting operations, police followed drivers whose licenses were suspended from the court house to their vehicles. Police found that some of the drivers still drove with a suspended license. The police department was able to cite 7 people and arrest one individuals. The grant has also helped fund 5 sobriety checkpoints.


Extra patrols and checkpoints can be incredibly expensive. Police must be paid for overtime. The police department would not have been able to afford or provide these extra protective services. Thanks to these grants, the Fullerton police have been able to protect drivers and pedestrians. DUI enforcement would be significant less without these grants.


These DUI enforcement measures are incredibly important. California has a huge issue with drunken driving. Orange County’s alcohol related collision rate is higher than the state’s average alcohol related collision rate. In 2011, 29 percent of Orange County’s fatalities and severe injuries in traffic collisions involved a drunken driver.


Fullerton is known for its bar and drunken driving problem. The downtown Fullerton area has multiple bars. It is a popular location for many people to bar hop. Since 2009, alcohol related collisions accounting for 50% of the fatal collisions in Fullerton.


Impaired driving is incredibly dangerous. Drunken drivers have impaired vision and slow-reaction time. These irresponsible drivers risk not only their lives but also the lives of other drivers. If you know you will be drinking, plan ahead and pick a designated driver. The designated driver should be chosen before any drinking begins. If any of your friends are intoxicated, do not let them drive.


Report any intoxicated drivers on the road. If you see an intoxicated driver, pull over. Do not try to follow the driver. You should take note of any information about the car, the license plate, and the cross streets. The police will need this information.


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