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2 Rancho Santa Margarita Residents Die in Crash

A Saddleback Valley Christian High School student and his father died last Friday night in a single-car accident.

The pair was driving near the California-Arizona border. There was also a younger son, 13 years old, in the vehicle. The father, Jim Siciliani, was driving eastbound on Interstate 40. He swerved in the opposite direction, which caused the vehicle to overturn.  The collision took place in a construction zone about a half-mile east of mile marker 85. The crash was about 57 miles from the California border town of Needles.

Fire officials responded to the scene at 9:43 pm. Jim Siciliani was round responsive, but he later died from his injuries at around 10:20 p.m.  He survived long enough to tell the California Highway Patrol about the accident. Siciliani told the officers he had veered off the road and overcorrecting, causing the car to overturn. Jim’s older son, Nicholas Siciliani, also died at the scene of the accident. His younger son, 13-year-old Greg, was flown to a Las Vegas area hospital for serious injuries.

Jim Siciliani was a Rancho Santa Margarita resident. He was a popular and well-liked man. Siciliani was also a realtor with Keller Williams Realty in Mission Viejo.  Nicholas is also fondly remembered by his football teammates and classmates. Jim Siciliani is survived by his wife and two younger children. Mrs. Siciliani is currently in Las Vegas with her injured younger son.

Nicholas Siciliani was going to enter his junior year at Saddleback Valley Christian School in the fall. He was a football lineman. His coach describes him as a true team player and popular among his teammates. Nicholas Siciliani had to miss out on much of his sophomore season because of an injury.  He was working hard to recover to play in the fall.

There was a prayer service held on Monday at the Sadleback Valley Christian High School. 100 students and adults shared stories about the two the victims. Over 400 people attended the service. Both victims were fondly remembered and honored.

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