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Man Blows Himself Up

A Costa Mesa man blew himself up in an apparent suicide on April 14.

The 52 year old male may have been a schizophrenic. He had a history of mental illness. His neighbors found him odd but harmless. Authorities found, in his home, a 17,000 word essay, titled” The Pricker: A True Story of Assassination, Terrorism and High Treason.” The essay referenced aliens, the O.J. Simpson trial, and the U.S. Government. It also discussed “the breaker”, which the man described as an assassin’s weapon capable of depositing biological agents into a victim’s skin without their knowledge.  In this essay, he discussed the U. S. Government. He accused the government of controlling information and assassinating individuals through freak accidents.

The man blew himself up in his home on the 3100 block of Bermuda Drive in Costa Mesa at around 7:30 p.m. A couple hours earlier neighbors called emergency authorities because the man was laying in his front yard. Neighbors reported that he was unconscious. An ambulance was called, but the man refused to go to the hospital. He was confrontational and difficult. Authorities left the scene. After the authorities left, there was a loud explosion. Neighbors stated that the blast sounded like a loud boom similar to fireworks. Authorities later found the man dead in his home.

The FBI and Costa Mesa police reported to the scene. The Orange County Sheriff’s bomb Squad and Orange County Fire Authority Hazardous Materials unit also reported to the scene.  Investigators believe that the man used a homemade explosive.  Additional homemade devices were found at the scene. Investigators believe that there were a total of three bombs in the home.  The bomb squad was able to safely detonate the bombs.  According to authorities, the bombs were crudely made.

Police evacuated residents from the surrounding homes as a precaution. Officers will continue to search the property for any other explosives. Thankfully, no one else was injured in the explosion. Investigation into the explosion is ongoing.

If you see any suspicious activities, do not hesitate it to report it to the authorities. You could prevent seriously horrific events from happening. Do not try to help or interfere with the situation. The authorities can handle the situation. It is best to be safe and stay away from the incident.

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