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Huntington Beach Becomes More Bike Friendly

The Orange County beach city will be becoming more bike-friendly.

Huntington Beach has drafted a Bicycle Master Plan. The plan was posted on Huntington Beach’s website. With this plan, Huntington Beach will improve riding conditions for bicyclists. The city also plans to educate the public about sharing the road with motor vehicles. Huntington Beach’s goal is to meet bicyclists’ needs and encourage more bicycle use.

The public will have an opportunity to voice their opinions at an upcoming council meeting. The exact date of the meeting has not been determined. This project started in 2012. Huntington Beach has reached out to the biking community for its input. The city held workshops to strengthen the plan. From these workshops, Huntington Beach determined its biggest obstacle.

Huntington Beach’s biggest obstacle is that bicyclists’ have a wide range of abilities, knowledge, and comfort level of the road and riding. Some bicyclists ride over 20 miles in a single bike ride, and others just bike by the beach. This wide range of skills and knowledge will make it difficult for Huntington Beach to implement the plan.

The Hunting Beach Bicycle Advocates have suggested a 14 point plan. Huntington Beach used this plan to develop its master plan. Huntington Beach will implement bikeway projects and improve existing lanes and education programs.

Currently, Huntington Beach has multi-use paths. These are lanes that pedestrians and bicyclists share. Multi-use paths are located along Pacific Coast Highway from Warner Avenue to Brookhurst Street. The new plan will expand multi-use paths. There will be seven additional roads added.

Huntington Beach also plans to improve on bike education. The city wants to improve on teaching bicyclists and motorists about their rights on the road. An exact education plan has not been created. The city hopes to improve safety by education.

Bicyclist safety is incredibly important. In the case of a bicycle and motor vehicle collision, the bicyclists will be seriously injured. The driver will probably escape with few if any injuries. Bicyclists are more susceptible to serious injuries. It is important that bicyclists and motorists understand the rules of the road. If everyone follows these rules, the road will be safer for bicyclists and motorists.

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