Rear End Crash in Irvine

In early February of 2011, the plaintiff a man in his 40s was driving on Barranca Parkway in Irvine.  He stopped at the intersection of Barranca Parkway and Culver Drive. At approximately noon, the light turned green. The plaintiff was then rear ended by a vehicle occupied by a married couple. The wife was driving the vehicle.

According to the plaintiff, he suffered lower back injuries. The pain also extended down to his left thigh. He visited his primary care physician for these issues. The physician diagnosed with plaintiff with soft-tissue strains and sprains. He went through two sessions of physical therapy. After this physical therapy, he received two months of chiropractic care.

The plaintiff stated that he was fully healed from his injuries and would not need any further treatment. He claimed roughly $3,500 in past medical costs. The plaintiff also claimed that he had to miss work for his medical appointments. According to the plaintiff, loss of income cost him approximately $6,500. He also sought damages for his pain and suffering.

The plaintiff claimed that the he sustained lower back injuries as a result of the rear end collision. He sued the married couple. According to the plaintiff, the couple was negligent in the operation of her vehicle. He held the husband vicariously liable for his wife’s actions. The husband was later dismissed early in the proceedings.

The wife admitted liability for the accident. Because she admitted liability, the trial proceeded on causation and damages.  Defense counsel argued that the plaintiff did not sustain any serious injuries from the low impact collision. The defense counsel also pointed out that there was a gap in treatment. The plaintiff waited over a month before started chiropractic care.

The jury awarded the plaintiff $10,000 for the total damages.  After the trial, the Plaintiff’s counsel filed a cost bill. The defense counsel filed a motion to tax costs. In addition to the $10,000 won, the plaintiff was awarded the plaintiff $6,500 in attorney’s costs and expert fees.

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