Placentia-Linda Hospital Fined for Sexual Assault

The Orange County hospital has been fined $50,000 by the state for sexual assaults on patients.

This is the Placentia-Linda Hospital’s first fine. The hospital was fined because of the 2011 arrest of an anesthesiologist at the hospital. This anesthesiologist was arrested for sexually assaulting two female patients. He pleaded not guilty to five felony charges. The anesthesiologist has been barred from practicing medicine during is ongoing case. He was also an independent physician who did not work directly for the Placentia-Linda hospital.

In spring of 2011, the hospital reported to state and police authorities an incident involving the anesthesiologist. A female employee saw the anesthesiologist inappropriately touch a female patient while she was under anesthesia for a surgery. Before the police were notified, the doctor was taken off Placentia-Linda Hospital’s surgery schedule.

There was also an earlier incident. The hospital claims that they were not aware of the assault. Placentia-Linda Hospital’s chief anesthesiologist received a report about the assault. A nurse reported to the chief anesthesiologist that a surgical technician has seen the anesthesiologist inappropriately touch a female patient. The chief anesthesiologist did not report the incident but told the nurse and surgical technician to monitor him.

Placentia-Linda Hospital will appeal the fine. In a statement, the hospital stated that they took their responsibility to patients very seriously. When the hospital discovered the assault, they reported it to the State of California. The anesthesiologist has not worked at the hospital since the assault was reported. The hospital has had staff undergo additional training on proper reporting of abuse.

This hospital is only one of seven across California to be fined. These seven hospitals were fined for causing serious harm or death to patients. 142 hospitals have been fined since 2007. These hospitals were fined for a total of $10.4 million.

These hospitals have hurt many patients. There have been additional reports of sexual abuse. Certain patients have had surgical items left in their wounds. These hospitals endangered the safety of their patients. They did not follow correct safety policies and procedures. As a result of these hospitals’ negligence, many patients were hurt. Fortunately, there are legal institutions in place to protect such victims.

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