Pedestrian Killed in Santa Ana Pursuit

Police pursuit and an officer involved shooting in Santa Ana left one innocent pedestrian dead.

Santa Ana police officers first approached a group of people in and around two parked cars. The officers believed that there was some sort of criminal activity taking place. A fight broke out between at least one officer and one male suspect.  An officer fired shots and shot one of the male suspects. The suspect was critically injured and taking to a hospital. He was later pronounced dead.

The three remaining male suspects fled the scene in a white Dodge Charger. Officers began pursuing a suspect around 11:45 a.m. It was believed that the suspects were armed. Police began pursuit in the 1000 block of Central Avenue. The pursuit lasted around 20 minutes.

The pursuit continued south and ended near the intersection of MacArthur Boulevard and Flower Street.  The suspects hit and fatally injured a pedestrian. After striking the pedestrian, the suspects got out of the vehicle. The suspects try to escape. One of the suspects was stopped by a police dog. Another suspect was stunned with a taser. The third suspect surrendered to police. All three of these suspects were in custody.

The driver of the vehicle has been charged with murder for driving the vehicle that hit and killed a pedestrian. The victim was a male in his late 40s or early 50s. He died at the scene from his injuries. His family is being notified of his death.

Unfortunately, reckless drivers like this suspect endanger other individual’s on the road. If you spot a reckless driver on the road, do not try to confront the reckless driver. Pull over when it is safe to do so. If you can, try to note the reckless driver’s license plate and the model of the car. Report this information and the location of the driver to the emergency authorities.

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