Patient-Care Assistant Pleads Guilty to Sex Crimes

A patient-care assistant at a South Orange County Hospital was sentenced to four years in state prison for sexual assaulting two women and molesting a third.

According to a statement from the Orange County District Attorney’s office, This man pleaded guilty to two felony counts of sexual battery on an institutionalized person and two misdemeanor counts of battery. He was sentenced to four years in state prison and will be a registered sex offender for live.

The crimes occurred at Saddle Memorial Medical Center in Laguna Hills, where the sex offender was employed. He is no longer an employee at this hospital.

There were three victims that came forward. Each victim was extremely traumatized by the abuse they suffered.

One of the victims, a 61 year-old women, accused the defendant of coming into her room at night and stroking her hair, kissing her on the lips, and kissing her on the cheek. During the trial, the victim stated that the defendant destroyed her self-esteem, confidence, and dignity.

Another victim, a 65 year-old woman, was a retired special education teacher. The victim said, “After teaching special education for 35 years, I retired and felt good about how many I have helped in that process. I had self-esteem and knew I was a good person. The creep that took advantage of me and my condition took all of my dignity and self-assurance and threw it away. I feel dirty and can’t seem to get his rage and the look in his eyes out of my head.”

The defendant had entered her room, removed her call-button so she could not alert the staff for help, and proceeded to molest her under her hospital gown. He did not leave till she yelled for help.

A 54 year old woman also testified that the defendant had taken advantage of her. She had complained of ankle pain so the defendant began rubbing her ankles, but then took advantage of the situation and molested her. He did not stop till she began to cry. When she tried to cry herself to sleep but she woke up to the defendant stroking her hair, kissing her forehead, and asking for a kiss.

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