Parking Lot Safety

Drivers and pedestrians are lulled into a false sense of security because they believe parking lots are safe, but many accidents occur in parking lots.

Each parking lot is a potential war zone. Impatient drivers are trying to find the best parking spots, and pedestrians are trying to get to their cars. It is a dangerous and deadly combination.

In parking lots, drivers have limited visibility and a lot of distractions. Full and busy parking lots are especially difficult to navigate. Cars unexpectedly back up, and pedestrians pop out of nowhere. Drivers in parking lots must always be alert.

Drivers are especially distracted in parking lots. In parking lots, drivers usually drive at lower speeds. This makes drivers feel safer in parking lots. They are more comfortable with using their cell phones or looking through their things. These distractions are quite dangerous. A driver may accidentally hit a pedestrian or hit a car backing out. Drivers must drive with extreme caution in parking lots. It is important to drive slowly. Drivers should also be attentive for any car lights and unexpected pedestrians. It is best to focus on the road until you finish parking the car.

Pedestrians must also be careful. Walk close to the sides of the aisle, and avoid distracting behavior. Do not listen to music or use your phone, while walking in the parking lot. A driver may not see you, and if you are distracted, you may not react in time. Be alert and look for cars that are backing out of parking spots. If you are walking with small children, it is a good idea to hold their hands.

Accidents in parking lots may not be as fatal as other car accidents, but they are still damaging and frustrating. A parking lot accident can cause significant injury to a pedestrian. Some parking lot accidents can also be quite damaging. Thankfully, there are legal resources available to help car accident victims.  Insurance may cover some of the costs, but an expert Santa Ana car accident lawyer can help you seek maximum damages for any losses you experience.

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