NHTSA Releases Safety App

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a released a smartphone app that tracks auto recalls and safety ratings.

The new application is called SaferCar. It lets you quickly check any vehicle safety ratings, track recalls, and check the latest safety headlines. The application can also help you install safety features like child safety seats. This application was designed to ensure that consumers could access up to date information about their vehicles.

The application addresses many important safety issues. Important information in the app includes:

  • Safety ratings

Motorists can compare and check the safety ratings of individual vehicles. This is especially useful for consumers looking for a new car.

  • Recalls and complaints

Through this app, a motorist can find out any recalls a specific vehicle may be effected by. An owner of a vehicle can also file a safety complaint via an application. This feature is especially important because many complaints eventually lead to recalls.

  • Child seats

Many parents do not properly install child seats. This application helps parents properly install child safety seats.

  • Safety headlines

The application will have alerts on a wide variety of safety-related news. Many consumers receive all their information through phone applications. This application will reach those consumers.

Currently, the application is only available for mobile iOS devices such as the Apple iPhone. An android version is in development. The federal safety agency is also developing a version for tablets.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is hoping that consumers will use this application to drive safer. Consumers will be more likely to use this information because it is so easily accessible.

Install this application today. It makes keeping up with vehicle safety much easier and efficient. Being informed about safety is incredibly important. Protect your family and yourself. A safe car makes the road safer.

Although this application will make drivers safer, do not use this application while driving. Phone use while driving is incredibly dangerous. Distracted driving has contributed to many accidents. Pull over if you want to use this application.

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