Manhunt at Cal State Fullerton

5 men rob and shoot a clerk in a Pawnshop in Moreno Valley, and then flee to hide out at Cal State Fullerton and LA County.

The 5 men entered the Empire Jewelry and Pawn Shop in Moreno Valley. They proceeding to shoot a pawn shop clerk 4 times. The five men allegedly wore ski masks and were armed with .22- and .25- caliber handguns.

The pawnshop clerk was taken to Riverside County Regional Medical Center. He was seriously injured but is in stable condition. Doctors believe that he will survive.

After the robbery, the suspects drove westbound on the Moreno Valley Freeway. The California Highway Patrol began the pursuit. Eventually the suspects got on the southbound Orange Freeway. They exited at Nutwood. When the driver rear ended another vehicle, the police were able to arrest some of the suspects. Two of the suspects were detained in custody. Three escaped.

One of the suspects fled and carjacked a motorist. Thankfully, the carjacking victim was not injured. He drove westbound on the Artesia freeway and exited in Compton. The suspect crashed the car and ran through a recreation center. Ironically, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck was handing out toys at this recreation center. The suspect was immediately tackled and arrested.

The other two suspects that escaped were hiding on the Cal State Fullerton campus. Cal State Fullerton was on lock down for approximately 8 hours. Students were told to stay in their rooms and buildings. SWAT officers searched the College Of Business’ Mihaylo Hall and other buildings. Classes were canceled. Students were alerted at about 4 p.m. of the suspects on campus. Students were slowly evacuated later in the evening. All the suspects were eventually arrested, and the lock down was lifted a little before midnight. Fortunately, none of the students or teachers was hurt.

This crazy robbery and car chase spanned 3 counties. It is extremely fortunate that no additional individuals were hurt. Intense robberies and situations can result in significant damage and loss. The damages can include medical bills, car repair bills, emotional trauma, and more.

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