Huntington Beach High Graduate Fights Drunk Driving

Micayla Vermeeren, a soon to be of Huntington Beach High school, is fighting drunk driving.

Vermeeren created a free designated-driving service on Facebook called HB on Call. The 18-year-old senior was inspired to take action by the recent drunk driving incidents in Hunting Beach. Her service is not trying to condone or prevent underage drinking or drug use. The service is meant to be a safe way for people to get home.

The Facebook group has around 180 members. Some of these members are volunteers who give rides to intoxicated individuals. The members are mostly high school students from Huntington Beach Union High School District. There are at least two volunteers from each school in the district. The Facebook originally started at Huntington Beach High School, but it has branched out.

There have already been students that have used the program. Vermeeren expects an increase of calls when all the schools are let out. Vermeeren makes sure that all volunteer drivers are licensed and have nod riving restrictions. Volunteers are also allowed to bring another sober person with them.

Huntington Beach Assistant Principal Jason Ross was impressed by Vermeeren’s actions.  He supports HB On Call as a precautionary tool. Huntington Beach Police Lt. Mitch O’Brien has also supported the program, but he urges parents to check with insurance companies in case of any issues. He is also stated that high school kids may not be the best volunteers for the program.

After Vermeeren graduates, she will pass on the responsibilities to incoming high school seniors and other underclassmen. She hopes that the program will be kept alive. Ross is planning to assist Vermeeren in working with Huntington Beach’s PTSA to improve the program.

Unfortunately, drunken passengers may be dangerous to drivers. Drunk passengers can be very belligerent and dangerous.  An incredibly intoxicated group of individuals may be a liability for drivers. It is important for any designated driver to be cautious and careful while driving drunken passengers. It is a good idea to have another sober friend along. As the designated driver, you are responsible for the drunken passengers. If one of your passengers is obviously intoxicated, you may get pulled over and be ticketed. It is important to take the responsibility of designated driver very seriously.

If you are ever in a car accident because of a drunken driver, do not hesitate to contact a Huntington Beach car accident lawyer.