Huntington Beach Detox Facility Shut Down

West Coast Detox Services has been shut down.

In April 2012, a man was found dead at the detox center. The cause of death is still unknown, but state investigators have found serious misconduct in the detox center. Allegations include rehab patients receiving highly-regulated drugs without prescription. The victim was allegedly one of the patients who received drugs without prescriptions. West Coast Detox has surrendered its license and shut down.

The victim was Jason Redmer, 28. He was found dead in the West Coast Detox and Treatment Center on a Monday morning. This center is located in a single-family home on Yale Circle in Huntington Beach. The center is located near an elementary school. Next to the center there is a sober living home.

The center is licensed to operate through 2013. It detoxifies addicts before sending them to treatment facilities. Neighbors have complained about the facility since it opened in 2011. Police reports include complaints of spotty supervision and drug paraphernalia. Before Jason Redmer’s death, Residents have demanded the center be shut down. Upset residents listed their complaints at a Huntington Beach City Council meeting a month before Redmer’s death. City officials were not able to shut down the center.

The center was created after Don Ramsey, the founder, lost an acquaintance due to addiction. Ramsey has stated that he has taken all the necessary steps to keep the addicts clean. He had even installed surveillance cameras. Patients were also subject to drug tests.  According to Ramsey, the drug paraphernalia discovered by neighbors belong to a patient. The patient had thrown it over a fence because he was afraid of being kicked out of the program.

West Coast Detox will give up its license by September 15. This decision was made due to an agreement with the Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs. There have been no other confirmed deaths or sickness since Redmer’s death.

This is an unfortunate story of an innocent young man. If your loved one had a similar story, you may want to contact a Huntington Beach wrongful death lawyer. It is incredibly painful to lose a loved one. If the loss was due to another individual’s negligence, the loss can be even more painful. A wrongful death lawyer can help you on your road to recovery. The right lawyer will help you build a case and hold those responsible their negligence.