Honda and Nissan Announce Recalls

The two Japanese car manufacturers are recalling several vehicles.

Honda is recalling 200,000 vehicles for a shift interlock issues. The recalled vehicles include sedans, crossovers, and minivans. Approximately 17,500 of the 2013 Acura RDX sedans are being recalled. 128,000 Honda CR-Vs is also being recalled. 59,000 Odyssey minivans are also affected by the recall. The Honda CR-Vs and Odyssey minivans affected by the recall were sold during the 2012 and 2013 model year.

In the recalled vehicles, the automatic transmission can be shifted out of park if the brake pedal is not depressed. This issue is more likely to occur in sub-freezing temperatures. The defect significantly increases the risk of an accident. Currently, Honda is not aware of any complaints, accidents, or injuries related to this issue.

Honda will begin notifying vehicle owners. The car manufacturer recommends that affected owners visit their local dealerships. The dealership will examine and fix the car if necessary at no cost for the owners.

Industry analysts state that this recall reflects the fact that many car manufactures use the same components in different products to reduce costs. This may reduce costs, but this strategy backfires if there is a defect in that product.

Nissan is recalling 19,000 vehicles for brake issues. 14,000 Pathfinders and 5,000 JXs from the 2013 model year are affected by this recall.

In the affected vehicles, part of the front brake caliper assembly, the brake torque member, was not cast properly. This issue could lead to premature failure and cracking. In the case that it breaks, the brake caliper may move and come in contact with the inside of the road wheel. This contact could affect braking therefore increasing the risk of a crash.

It is not clear whether there has been any crashes or injuries related to this problem. Nissan has stated that the recall was voluntary. When Nissan became aware of the safety problem, it informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of its recall plan. Affected Nissan owners should visit their local dealership. Recalled vehicles will be examined and fixed at no cost to the owners.

If you ever experience safety issues in your vehicle, do not hesitate to report the issue to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. These complaints often lead to recalls. After reporting the issue, you will probably be contacted by the NHTSA for more information about the issue.

If the defect caused a car accident, you may also want to contact an Orange County car accident lawyer.