Fatal Fullerton Crash

A possible drunken driver died in a police pursuit crash.

The collision took place after 2 a.m. early Wednesday. A taxi driver was driving an alleged intoxicated passenger. He was dropping of the passenger near Wilshire Avenue and Harbor Boulevard.  The passenger got out of the vehicle, and he went to the driver’s side and attacked the driver. The passenger then got into a silver Scion and sped off.

The taxi driver called the police to report the altercation. He followed the Scion driver until officers arrived. Officers attempted to stop the vehicle, but it sped away. The officers engaged in a pursuit that lasted about a minute. About a mile away, the driver lost control. He attempted to make a turn at Ameridge and Roosevelt. He struck a palm tree, a parked car, and a house. The suspect was pronounced at the scene. No one was injured in the accident. The house did sustain some minor damage.

Police were on the scene for at least 5 hours after the accident. Emergency medical professionals tried to resuscitate him, but he did not recover.  Thankfully, no other individuals were injured in this accident.

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