Drunken Sailor Arrested

An intoxicated sailor was arrested after he passed out, and his boat ran aground off the coast of Laguna Beach.

Laguna beach police received reports that a book was stuck offshore Sunday afternoon around 3:40 p.m. Laguna Beach lifeguards and Orange County Sheriff’s Department Harbor Patrol responded to the situation. Sheriff Deputies pulled the intoxicated individual off of the boat.

The boat was still lodged in sand and rocks outside the surf line of Main Beach as of 10 p.m.  Investigators were not able to investigate the damage until high tide at about 5 a.m. The boat will be towed to Dana Point Harbor, where it will be inspected. Officials believe that vessel will not break up. There is also no evidence of any oil or fuel leaks.

The man was so intoxicated that he was passed out and not responding. He was arrested under suspicion of boating under the influence of alcohol. The sailor was booked into the Laguna Beach Jail. It is believed that individual is from San Diego. He was boating alone and no individuals were hurt.

Thankfully, no one was hurt as a result of this irresponsible individual. The situation could have been very different. This man could have hurt many people. A boat is a very powerful vehicle. He could have crashed into other boats carrying passengers. This man was endangering not only his life but also many other lives. He deserves to be held accountable for his irresponsibility.

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