Dog Bite Safety 101

There have been an unfortunate string of dog attacks lately. Dogs are usually extremely friendly and fun animals, but some dogs can be quiet aggressive and dangerous. Certain breeds are perceived as more aggressive than others, but a dog’s aggressive behavior is usually due to abuse. Here are some tips on how to handle dog attacks.

•             Be careful around dogs

If you are walking or running outside, be on the lookout for loose dogs. Do not smile at strange dogs.  You may think it is a friendly gesture, but an aggressive dog may see it as a challenge. Avoid going close to chained dogs. These dogs tend to be more aggressive.

•             Look for warning signs

Learn dog body language. Not all dogs are aggressive. A loose dog may come up to you just out of curiosity. Some dogs are commonly perceived as less aggressive or more aggressive. If you encounter a loose dog, don’t assume a less aggressive dog is safe or vice versa. Pay attention to the dog’s body language not its bread. Dogs about attack will have a straight and stiff body. Stay calm.

•             Remain calm

Do not make any sudden movements. Dogs can sense your fear and panic. Try to command them. Tell them in a demanding voice “Go Home!” or “No!” Assume a non-threatening position. Dogs think that you are going to attack if you face them head on and make eye contact. Instead, you should stand sideways to the dog.

Stay still. Sudden movements will startle the dog. Protect your face, chest, and throat. Keep your arms flat by your side with clenched fists. If the dog knocks you over, you should curl up and cover your head. Pull your face into your chest and cover your neck with your hands. The dog will think you are boring and leave you alone.

•             Don’t run

Your first instinct may be to run, but don’t ever run from a dog. The dog will definitely chase after you. Instead, you should stay still until the dog loses interest in you.  When the dog loses interest in you, you should slowly back away.

Dogs can be really fun to play with, but a stray or loose dog can be incredibly dangerous. Be extremely cautious if you ever come across a loose dog. If you are ever attacked by a dog, you may want to contact a Newport Beach personal injury lawyer.