Collision near Disneyland

In mid-February of 2006, a female high school student was driving westbound on West Ball Road in Anaheim with a friend. The pair was on their way to Disneyland.

A collision occurred at the intersection of South Harbor Boulevard and a sport utility vehicle.  The sport utility vehicle was heading northbound on South Harbor. It was being driven by a wife and her husband was also in the vehicle. The high school student’s vehicle struck the rear passengers side of the SUV.

The high school student claimed injuries to her neck and back. She sued the married couple. The student alleged that the other driver was negligent in the operation of her vehicle. She alleged that the other driver ran a red light causing the accident.


The high school student claimed that she stopped at a red light. When the light turned green, she waited for a few seconds and then proceeded to drive straight forward. When she was almost halfway through the intersection, her friend began screaming because she saw the other driver’s oncoming SUV. According to the high school student, she was driving between 5 and 10 mph, and the other driver was driving around 40 mph.

An independent witness who was driving behind the high school student supported her description of the events.

According the other driver, when she approached the intersection, she saw the light was yellow and drove through the intersection. She claimed that she did not see the color change. The other driver claimed that she had to swerve to avoid the collision. She also stated that the high school student entered the intersection early instead of waiting for the intersection to clear up.

The high school student’s father took her to a local medical clinic in Riverside County. She was experiencing neck and back pain along with headaches. She was diagnosed with whiplash and given pain medication.

She proceeded to consult a chiropractor a month after the accident. According to the high school student, she had pain in her neck, back, and shoulders. She later went to consult with an orthopedist who ordered MRIs of her neck and back. She was diagnosed with disc bulges. The high school student also saw another chiropractor who diagnosed her with chronic lower back pain, cervicalgia, and avascular nerosis of the capital femoral epiphysis. According to the high school student, she still experiences residual pain and discomfort. She has had to reduce her physical activity because of this pain.

The high school student asked for $11,802 for past medical cost and $30,000 for pain and suffering. She was awarded by the jury $4,689.

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